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Japonki Sushi

The best sushi in the city

To open another place with "fish origami" in the "Polish sushi capital" you must be either crazy or genius. And while it's easy to go crazy about their captivating nigiri or tuna, which have already brought JAPONKI in Warsaw Breweries well-deserved fame, there's no "either-or". Behind this unique concept (more on that in a moment) stands simply the genius of two experienced chefs.

Know these two better first.

Linh Nguyen studied medicine but "gave up the doctor’s gown" to infect us with the love of Asian cuisine. Nguyen (interestingly, 40% of Vietnamese carry this surname) started her culinary career by opening Vietnamese restaurants, which years ago were admired by Warsaw food critics. Although "To To Pho" and "Pho Kwadrat" enjoy unflagging popularity, Linh, hungry for new experiences, decided to bring Korean cuisine and pan-Asian vegetable street food to the capital.

Dawid Uszynski, who worked for years in recognized London restaurants, including North Road, awarded 1* Michelin. The growing fascination with Japan resulted in a change in his CV. For 5 years he improved his skills in the motherland of Japanese culinary art - Yashin restaurant, after then he became the chef of Lebanese Mayha, specializing in the omakase tasting menu.

A tip for beginners

After your first order, you will probably ask "what's in that delicious jelly you add to your sushi?". We will satisfy your hunger on behalf of Linh and David. It's a shoyu-based ponzu jelly enhanced with the scent of sea, smoke and citrus.

61 Krochmalna Street


12.00pm - 9.30pm

+48 884 318 081​
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Today, they are both responsible for the fresh-as-rolls culinary concept. What's so special about it and why did JAPONKI have to triple their orders for fresh fish, which is the basis of their sets, in less than a month?

First of all, they have filled a niche in Polish gastronomy as they serve high-quality sushi only... to take away, however, they do care about providing high-quality culinary experience to the followers of the Japanese philosophy of life. Anyway, the adventure with uniqueness starts here already before the palate gets involved. We are talking about packages made entirely of natural materials, which, although minimalistic, closely match the content.

This sushi is square, and the rice used in it maintains a balance of acidity, which may pull amateurs of "polished sushi" out of their comfort zone. However, only this kind of rice perfectly distinguishes the taste of fish and other uncompromising ingredients which, you can purchase "on the spot" as JAPONKI is located …. in the delicacies store, AZJATKA.


You'll find over a dozen sets in their menu, and periodically they introduce novelties made with exclusive ingredients imported not only from Japan - including tuna otoro, salmon roe, St. James mussels and sea urchins.

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