Le Paradox

The French? They wine!

How about starting with some paradox, hm? Well - red grapes are used to make white wine!

Seriously! Of course, red wine is also made from red grapes (precisely “blue” or “dark), and the trick is made on one of the stages of vinification - "turning grapes into wine".

Well, the "pulp" (pardon me, but no Frenchman can pronounce this word) of both white and dark grapes is simply... transparent (sic!). And what makes red wine red is the dark grape skins added to the fermentation.

Trivia and training will be one of the activities of LE PARADOX in Warsaw Breweries - a bar specializing in grape drinks of French origin. No wonder, after all the French know wine and champagne as nobody in the world. And whoever at least once in his life had a chance to taste the best original champagnes or fantastic white Chablis Grand Cru with aromas of baked bread crusts, has no doubts.

There is no paradox in the information that LE PARADOX will be primarily a bar (and store) with French wines and champagnes. And not the random ones, because their exclusive selection will be the responsibility of Piotr Klimczyk, a Pole brought up in France, who aims to spread the culture of wine drinking in Poland. Piotr puts all his heart and time into the proper selection and purchase of wines of appropriate vintages, personally inspecting the quality of the products sold.

And rest assured. Among these pearls of red and white flavonoids enchanted in glass bottles, pleasures await you at paradoxically reasonable prices. These wines will come to Warsaw Breweries straight from the vineyards of local French producers - without the profit margins of importers, wholesalers and other links. LE PARADOX will bring over 400 kinds of red, white and rose wines, as well as champagnes and sparkling wines to Warsaw Wola.

Tip for wine lovers and not only:

LE PARADOX is a partner of French Touch since its first edition. Thanks to this fact, guests of this restaurant will have a chance to taste delicious, selected drinks and learn the secrets of their production. Check their website/fanpage or ask at the bar when such an event will take place.

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