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It is somehow strange that most creatures that live in water are good to us. No, it's not about seals that clap when they see us in oceanariums. It's about our health. If you ask a nutritionist which meat is healthiest for humans, they will tell you that "fish meat - that is the basis of the healthiest Mediterranean diet". Of course, such fish or seafood must be fresh. And this is what they can offer in the Portside delicatessen in the Warsaw Breweries.

Fish, as we know, live both in seas and oceans and a bit closer to Warsaw - in rivers and lakes. Both fresh and salt-water fish have that special "something", so it is not surprising that in Portside you will find both. But the water world does not end with fish, so the offer of this delicatessen have to include seafood, which is also attributed with various qualities, to mention for example those aphrodisiacal. It's easy to fall in love with moules and scallops here. Looking through online reviews of Portside you can also find posts of enthusiasts of local shrimps and fish pastes, but also fans of a Scandinavian fish soup. But the most appreciatied are... fish.

Apart from salmon, cod and halibut you can also find here less known but still excellent sand smelt or swordfish. Portside offers fresh fish (raw and cleaned), smoked fish tempting with its golden skin and distinct aroma, ready-serve food and fish preserves, and even ready-made dishes. And rightly so, because not everyone has time and not everyone can prepare a perfect fish soup, chops, meatballs or other ragout? Their fish pastes are also a strong point of Portside. A considerable space is also occupied by "seafood", including such delicacies as shrimps, squids, crabs and even octopus or smoked shrimps, rarely seen in Warsaw.

What is interesting, Portside thinks not only about what to put in a pot, but also how to serve it. That is why you can also buy a variety of accessories for fish dishes - special silverware and tools to bring out the full flavour from crustaceans. And since we mentioned in the beginning about this "healthy Mediterranean diet", it's worth adding that you can also buy here original Italian pastas and oils to Mediterranean dishes. All this to provide you with a culinary experience as close as possible to the one of the seaside restaurants.

Tip for party lovers:

There is no better way to buy some perfectly good delicacies at Portside than to drop in at Krochmalna and talk to boatswains over the counter, because they really know how to advise, and their advice is at least as good as their cod, but... If someone doesn't have too much time, they can order shopping with home delivery. Details on the website

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Portside also has one very surprising shelf with the signature "Mare e Monti" ("Sea and Mountains"), and on it you can hunt for "monti"that is... beef meet from mountain farms.

By the way, the phrase "Straight out of the port" in the headline is not particularly far-fetched. The owners of this delicatessen bring goods straight from boats and cutters at different latitudes. Fish and seafood are delivered to Poland directly from fish markets in Italy and Germany, among others. So you can safely say that the seafood they get for you are from the best sources. They have also found a way to deliver them with a "guarantee of freshness". Portside has attracted investors who provide unique methods of distribution of their products, so they are as fresh as if a proud fisherman had just held them in his hands. But if someone prefers to be sure that seafood offered by Portside is not from this earth, just drop in to Portside at the Warsaw Breweries - entrance from Krochmalna Street.

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