Etno Cafe #forgood of coffee

If you think that coffee is an open book to you, you must visit Etno Café in Warsaw Breweries - you may be pleasantly surprised. A packet of coffee from Etno Café means coffee roasted in the famous Wrocław coffee roastery, respect for excellent beans from friendly growers, much work and passion, which brings out the best from coffee - its aroma.

Etno Cafe kawa z dripa

Speaking of experimenting, necessarily try the local Cold Brew Coffee.

Closed in an eco-friendly glass bottle macerate coffee contains significantly more caffeine than traditionally brewed coffee and is a gentler bomb of beneficial ingredients like antioxidants and phenols.

At Etno Café you can also buy a packet of your favorite coffee from their roastery, coffee accessories and begin the adventure of brewing the brew at home. Baristas are fund of knowledge on the matter, so ask them, how to treat such carefully prepared beans and not spoil your taste experience.

You can also perfectly complete your coffee with breakfast, oatmeal, bagels, baguettes, sandwiches or salads, as well as artisanal cakes and desserts.