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New opening

Food Hall Browary

It's more than sure that there will be no greater culinary and entertainment event like this in any near future in Warsaw. And it is not Warsaw fault at all - as the scale of this opening. will just be that huge!



if you have any plans for 09/24 after 5:00 p.m. either postpone them or cancel them, and it's best to change these plans and be sure to show up at the opening of Food Hall Browary.

And now it's time to present you (in purely random order) 12 perfect concepts that will be hosted right here:

1. The Seafood Bar

2. S'poke & Herring

3. Octo Pasta Pizza

4. A' Panu occo?!


6. The Sushi

7. Falla WRAP

8. Jasna Sprawa

9. Boston Burger

10. okarima Ramen

11. Viet Nem

12. Central Bar


We are curious who will be your favorite place, so we can't wait for Friday!

You can find more information about individual places here.