Film Nights Repertoire for August

Wednesdays and Sundays

Repertoire in August

Laboratory Courtyard / Malthouse Square

In August it is worth spending Sunday and Wednesday evenings in Warsaw Breweries on a comfortable deckchair, enjoying your favorite movie and all that our restaurants have to offer.

Sunday's Fun Day – the Sunday screenings in Warsaw Breweries are a lot of fun. We will watch movies that will amuse and put you in a good mood for the beginning of the next week.

However, on August 1st, we will start with a special film to honor the fallen and living (hopefully as long as possible) Insurgents of Warsaw Uprising.

Action Wednesdays – in Warsaw Breweries, each Wednesday of this July and August will belong to aliens, robots, gangsters, criminals, catastrophes, wars, and ultra-fast cars!


01.08 SUNDAY  „Warsaw 44” drama/history – Poland (about the movie)

04.08 WEDNESDAY „Wonder Woman” – action/Sci-Fi/Superhero – China/Honkong/USA (about the movie)

08.08 SUNDAY „Big Lebowski” comedy/crime/sport – Great Britain/USA (about the movie)

11.08 WEDNESDAY „Fast and Furious 7” – action – China/Japan/USA/UAE (about the movie)

15.08 SUNDAY „Palm Springs” – comedy/fantasy/mystery – USA (about the movie)

18.08 WEDNESDAY „The Hitman's Bodyguard” – action/comedy – China/The Nedherlands/USA (about the movie)

22.08 SUNDAY „Made in Italy” – drama/comedy – Great Britain/Italy (about the movie)

25.08 WEDNESDAY „Atomic Blonde” – action/thriller – USA/Germany/Sweden (about the movie)

29.08 SUNDAY  „The Wolf of Wall Street” – biography/crime/comedy/drama – USA (about the movie)

We are waiting for you at the 59 Krochmalna Street – Laboratory Courtyard or 6 Haberbusch and Schiele Street – Malthouse Squarewith comfortable deckchairs.




Let's remember about safety. In the Film Nights area, a safe distance between deckchairs will be kept, and they will be regularly disinfected.
Details can be found in the Regulations of Summer in Warsaw Breweries.

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