Fire, smoke and meat



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MUNJA is the only restaurant in Poland that serves an astonishing variety of this cuisine - full of Balkan fire, but richly seasoned with Mediterranean lightness, straight from the land of Italy.

The flame in the logo of this restaurant is not accidental. Live fire is probably the most essential element of Balkan cuisine and the most natural way to extract unique aroma and flavor from meat, fish and seafood.

MUNJA at Warsaw Breweries aims to delight with original dishes from the Adriatic Sea served directly from the flame bursting grill, heated only with coal and wood. It will be rich, distinctive and international because MUNJA reaches cuisine far beyond the former borders of Yugoslavia. This gastronomic concept was created by an energetic family from Montenegro, people full of love for Warsaw. The small country of Montenegro has 620 thousand citizens (with its capital in Podgorica of the population as Warsaw's Wola) is famous for its great hospitality. And you will feel this hospitality already from the entrance to the culinary embassy of the Balkans, which MUNJA aims to be. Everyone must leave from here full and happy.

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