Honor and glory to the Heroes!

01.08 09:00 pm

The screening - Warsaw Insurgents Memories, "Miasto 44"

59 Krochmalna Street - Laboratory Courtyard

In a moment the most important day of the year for our city - the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.


77 years ago, our ancestors, residents of wartime Warsaw, stood shoulder to shoulder in an unequal fight with the occupant. One of the places of bloody fights was the area of today's Warsaw Breweries. Several buildings and the wall of the former ghetto perfectly remember these heroic deeds in dark times for the city. But the insurgents who are still alive today and who fought here keep these memories  even better.

As a tribute to the fallen and in honor of the living (hopefully for as long as possible) Warsaw Insurgents we made a movie with the participation of the heroes fighting within those very walls, on the premises of today's Warsaw Breweries.

Zosia Czekalska ("Sosenka"), Leszek Żukowski ("Antek"), Zbyszek Daab ("Kapiszon") and Jerzy Majewski will tell you about their memories and experiences from that "time of apocalypse". On their behalf and on our own, we would like to wholeheartedly invite you to the premiere of this movie. On August 1st, 2021, on the anniversary of the event that, according to some people, should never have happened, while according to others, captures the true spirit and nature of Warsaw and its residents.

We remember, we respect, we thank you for your heroism, we appreciate, we honor and we will honor you as long as our city and your city will stand.

The screening will begin on August 1st at 09:00 pm

immediately afterwards we will screen Jan Komasa's film "Miasto 44".


We would like to invite you on behalf of the heroes of the movie, who fought for our city 77 years ago.