Mixed sets in Japonki

From 21.04


at 61 Krochmalna Street

One of your most frequent requests was to be able to combine sets. What do we say? Sure thing!

Below you will find our extra menu, from which you can choose any two items to create one set. There are a lot of combinations, but below you can find three basic configurations:

?  8 + 8 rolls
?  8 rolls + 5 nigiri
? 5 + 5 nigiri

The choice is yours!

If you need help to decipher some of the names, the following glossary may be helpful:

?  bluefin - bluefin tuna
?  otoro - fatty part of bluefin tuna
?  chutoro – medium-fat part of bluefin tuna
?  akami - lean part of bluefin tuna
?  yellowtail - amberjack
?  unagi - eel
? negi - chives of spring onions


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