Olivos + Wujaszek Liestyle = Pizza in Warsaw Breweries

22.07 06:00 - 08:00 pm

Pizza made by Wujaszek Liestyle at Olivos Cafe and Restaurant


"Let’s fly!" - a pizzaiolo used to say, kneading pizza dough and tossing it up into the air. And Olivos Restaurant is preparing something pretty fly, because pizza dough will be flown up into the air by none other than... Wujaszek Liestyle...


Wait a minute, what do you mean by Wujaszek? That Wujaszek? The one who runs with a camera after naked breasts (although nowadays, because of Wujaszek's popularity, it's rather them who run after his camera)? That one. And what has he got to do with pizza? Well, you have to visit his profile on insta and find out that since the beginning of the pandemic Wujaszek Liestyle has been attending secret classes in pizza baking. In fact, he has been developing his own recipes for this Italian dish. Testers of his efforts so far have been his friends - today the time has come for everyone to try the pizza of his hand.

It was hard to choose a better place for such a tasting than Warsaw Breweries. To be more precise - Wujaszek Liestyle entered into cooperation with a newly opened restaurant Olivos, in which pizza will be one of the obligatory dishes and... unusual ones. I don't think anyone in the city serves such a crazy toppings on Italian pizza as we do here. By the way, apart from pizza and pasta in Olivos you can fill your taste buds with dishes from onshore Greece and local delicacies from the Greek islands, but also with dishes from Spain and other countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

And somehow it came out that the chef of Olivos (Spiros), suspected of being crazy, got together with Wujaszek Liestyle, suspected of a slightly different kind of craziness. As a result, it looks like a totally crazy feast in the middle of the summer, in the heart of Warsaw Breweries.


And when is it?

And on 22nd of July from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


And is it possible with a dog?

And you can - also with a kitten, turtle, goat and rabbit.


And how much does it cost?

There are no tickets. Admission is free :)


You don't want to miss it?

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