A barber with a sideboard full of good vibes

My beloved forced me to go to a hairdresser. And that's how - a certain booking portal (booksy) came to help and I ended up in Hamski Barber - a barbershop for men's beards and hairstyles, that against all appearancess is not a hairdresser at all... What is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser, how artists painted this "cutting service establishment" at Warsaw Breweries and why on earth Hamski has that perverse name - Paul, a barber who cut my hair, told me on the last Saturday in June.

You write politely "columnistic" culinary reviews about more or less exquisite restaurants in Warsaw Breweries and suddenly they say to you: "Hey, why don't you step away from your plate for a change and write a column about a barber?".

All right, I think to myself. A mess on my head is blooming, so there’s an excuse, so... why not? And suddenly a thought, a question, a doubt, a dilemma and other "buts" come to my mind - how on earth to review a barber's "menu" if you have neither a beard nor a moustache, and the only thing you can put in the hands of a "barber" is your own hair? So no reviews today, and no pictures of the effects (although I am personally happy with my new hairstyle). There will be instead a story about...

I booked my haircut and hair modeling to be done by Paweł. Booksy - shows an average score of 5.0 for Paweł, just like the rest of the Hamski Barber team in Breweries. You can't do better than that, so what the hell. I'm a minute late because a bike rack at the back of Hamski is completely full and I have to park my eco-steed a bit further - on a rack at the corner of Krochmalna and Haberbusch (and Schiele) Sreets. On this occasion, Paweł welcomes me with an anecdote about "consequences of being late" from last Thursday, when a morning storm swept through Warsaw. A client who was supposed to be at 9:00 a.m. parked opposite the entrance at 9:06 a.m. If he had been at 9:00 a.m., he would have sat dry in his chair, but since the storm decided to greet Warsaw's Wola district at 9:05 a.m., the late client spent his visit at the barber's shop peeling off his wet shirt.

And so I listen about the rain and not even a moment later my head is being washed. The water is not too hot, and this ritual preparing me for a haircut turns out to be a great opportunity to discover a funky chandelier. The red tubes form an intriguing maze, whose entrances and exits are ended with plump bulbs. The whole thing turns out to be a creative whim of a plumber, who, as you can see, dealt here not only with connecting washbasins for washing hair.

A collection of thematic, barber-themed printed metal boards shaped in a gallery that is an extension of a mirror frame, where you can watch your and other barbers' actions, makes a nice impression, too. A distance between me and a client being sitted next to me is considerable. In the meantime, I learn that all of Hamski's employees have been vaccinated, and the establishment is ozonized and irradiated with UV lamps every evening.

It's time for a short, typical dialogue - first I say how I imagine the end result (or rather, I quote my better half, what she's been dreaming about on my head when she gets home), and then Paweł tells me how he sees it. I'm not going to argue, he's the one with sharp tools in his hand, and I don't even have a way to defend myself, covered in a cape. Let's get down to business. I'm trying not to squirm too much in my chair, and Paweł switches on the appropriate mode of his hair clipper. By the way, it's one of the elements that distinguish a barber from a hairdresser, explains Paweł and gives his own definition of the differences that separate hairdressers from barbers - and let's add that barbers complement the barbers in Hamski, well... let's call it exceptionally: a "gem" - Estera. She is the only one in this place who can take care of the needs of long-haired guys.

But let's get back for a moment to the differences between hair-cutting professions. So what else is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser? According to the personal definition of the author of my current haircut, a barber is a skilled craftsman, while a hairdresser is an artist. Another difference is the arsenal of tools. A barber has a dozen different hair clippers and trimmers at his disposal, not to mention razor blades, while a hairdresser definitely has the most in terms of variety and number of scissors. A barber has the smell of pastes and lotions for beards and hair - while a hairdresser definitely inhales the scent of paints and other hair sprays more often.

After a little small talk, my sides and sideburns are back to the condition they were in a few weeks ago. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a graphic - somewhat inspired by the art of the Polish school of posters (to be more precise, its advertising branch in Warsaw) - that presents a kind of "logo" for Hamski. It turns out that it's a work done by an artist who did it all "on the spot".

And finally I ask a question. It's the question that Paweł says most of new clients ask. Hamski means a „hurlish”, not churlish. "Where does the whole name come from?". Well, it is a provocation, yes. But it is not a spelling provocation at all. The author of this concept is not dyslexic and did not make a stupid mistake of a vulgar word with a cut "c" on the establishment's signboard. His name is simply Hamarowicz, Maciej Hamarowicz. And "Hamski", meaning „hurlish” in English, is his nickname from high school days, So "such a situation", not some "provocation". Although it must be admitted that it is a clever name for an establishment, to which you can come and, as in a certain ineffable lexical joke, say to a barber "please take a short cut".

Already after mirroring myself in a ping-pong palette-like mirror, I notice an interesting collection of "razors" on the wall. Apparently, it was created from worn-out tools of the local barbers. And the totality of visual eyecatchers in this place is completed by... a hanging lacquered side of a small Polish Fiat and something even stranger. Well, there is a sideboard standing there as if nothing had happened. Who knows if it comes from Kalwaria Zebrzydowska or somewhere else. It is clear, however, that it was not born in the current "30 years of freedom". What does this sideboard hide? For those curious, I suggest booking a visit to Hamski Barber via booksy and checking it out on the spot.

Just to inform:

The Hamski's spot in Breweries is bigger than its older brother in Wilanów.

There's a pretty big "waiting room" and 3 work stations.

The establishment is open on Saturdays and Sundays, which can prove to be a salvation for those who are busy during the week.

Visits are booked through the booksy portal.

Sample prices

Haircut with modeling – PLN 75

Intergenerational tearing hair out (father + son combo) – PLN 100 PLN

Beard grooming + razor – PLN 80

Combo (haircut + beard + razor + grooming – PLN 130

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