Breakfast at dobro & dobro cafe

It is good to start a day with a good coffee. And if good coffee is accompanied by a good breakfast, the day starts twice as good. And it so happens (doubly well) that dobro & dobro cafe offers both good breakfasts and good coffee. Is this where the name of this chain of cafes comes from? I have no idea.

Sunday - one of the last in May 2021 and one of the first when the temperature kindly exceeds 16 degrees in the morning, in addition, it is not raining, and the epidemic situation allows us to finally eat out - so far only in the garden. I don't have to add that after a year of "great gastronomic fasting" such "gardening" is still a kind of dream coming true. And if it is warm and sunny, then... what more could we want?

My better half and our dog pack are walking down Grzybowska Street from Zelazna Street. Dobro & Dobro Cafe opens the whole complex of Warsaw Breweries from this side. It is located on the first floor of the building of the Malthouse  Offices - the first one sticking out from behind the historic walls of the breweries, restored and preserved with the respect to the rich past of the former brewing kingdom of Haberbusch and Schiele.

The first surprise - it is surprisingly... quiet. The café's garden is slotted in between the aforementioned wall and the glass façade of the building of the Malthouse Offices, which create a sort of acoustic screen, making the traffic on Grzybowska street, some 20-30 meters away, virtually inaudible.

The staff, fully feminized, is extremely friendly. A smile of a person taking and serving order is noticeable even through a mask. Dogs get a bowl of water even before we decide what to order. And we order:


  • a classic breakfast consisting of 2 fried sausages, 2 fried eggs, a hefty dose of lettuce and capers drizzled with dressing and a few toasted baguette slices loaded with a surprisingly light cottage cheese mousse


  • crostini with guacamole and salmon on gluten-free bread, fortified with poached eggs, accompanied by cherry tomatoes, arugula and balsamico vinegar.

The classic breakfast is certainly filling. The generous portions deserve praise, and the way the fried eggs are prepared deserves praise. The yolk is perfectly liquid, while the white is perfectly browned and crispy. That's my piece of cake.

A much more interesting experience is provided by the crostini. The first meeting of a fork with the contents of the plate is... not very good. Gluten-free bread seems to be dry and slightly sour. After a while, it turns out that I hit the only "pixel" of the sandwich which was not spread with guacamole paste. Our second contact is much nicer because I end up with bread that has already been spread with guacamole and... I begin to understand the idea behind such, and not other, taste qualities of the bread. Someone probably chose it precisely because of the ingredients on it. Anyway, bread with guacamole combined together suddenly becomes what you expect from a good breakfast. But the more you get into it, the better it gets. The poached egg is perfect- fans of poached delights would be delighted.

In the meantime, the cappu orange lands on our table. I’ve just heard about this “whim” so far- now I finally know what it is about. It is a triple espresso (using beans from a well-known Warsaw Coffee Lab roastery) not with water but... 100-percent orange juice, which is heated and blended into a coffee "drink". And the whole is really tasty. Interestingly, in the hot version, the orange component adds a slight bitterness, while the opposite is said to be true for the "chilled" version of cappu orange - also served here. Suddenly, the orange juice makes the coffee sweeter than without it.

Coffee drinkers who distinguish the difference between mass-market blends of beans and roasting blends will be delighted with the flat white after the first sip. The same goes for people allergic to cow's milk. I chose the flat white with coconut vegetable drink ("barista" version), but I saw on the bar that they also have an almond drink and soy drink (also in the  "barista" version produced by the current dominant in market of vegetable drinks in our country). And this "coconut barista" made of an infusion of ground beans of a blend of arabica and robusta (80/20) composed of Indonesia, Brazil and India (from Coffee Lab) in a dobro&dobro version is really memorable. The mango cheesecake, with coconut sprinkles, might also appear to be quite a nice touch for those who have sweet teeth. It's thankfully much less sweet than it looks, so its "mangoiness" doesn't get unnecessarily over-sweetened.

What's really nice, around 11 a.m., although the "gorge" in which Dobro & Dobro Cafe's garden is located is quite narrow - about 10 meters wide - it is bravely penetrated by sun rays. The day is quite windy, which we felt during our walk along Grzybowska Street, but fortunately, the wall of the old brewery and the glass facade of the building, where the cafe resides, are perfect barriers for the wind. A kind of disadvantage is... quite quick heating up of the tops of garden tables. It seems to be an advantage in spring when the temperature is 16, but I wonder what will happen when summer afternoons bring +30. We’ll check it.

Purely Informational:

There is a fridge with takeaway sandwiches in the cafe.

The café garden seats can be taken by about 20 people with no crowd.

Inside the café, there is a door leading to the lobby of the office building, where (maybe 5 meters) from the café there is a toilet - also adapted to the needs of disabled people.


Sample prices:

Cappu Orange - 13 PLN

Flat White - 11 PLN + 2 PLN vegetable milk substitute

Classic breakfast - 19,90 PLN

Crostini with salmon and guacamole - PLN 19.90