It’s popular to pop in here, especially for breakfasts!

In a hurry out or in a restaurant ? Or maybe you comfortably enjoy delicious breakfasts only on weekends? Everyone celebrates the most important meal of the day in a different way. One thing is certain! At Warsaw Breweries you won't miss any breakfast delights - sweet, salty, hot and cold. Come and check it out - the breakfast special offer is available all week long and it's waiting just for you!

Mykonos Warsaw

Do you dream of a light breakfast that will give you energy for the whole day? Then be sure to try breakfasts at Mykonos Warsaw! For PLN 28 you'll get a plate of delicious Mediterranean goodies, Greek or Lebanese.
If you don't have time to sit at the table, you can always grab one of the fresh sandwiches and coffee for only PLN 18!

Greek breakfast PLN 28

Strapatzada - scrambled eggs with tomatoes and feta/Loukaniko me praso/Haloumi/Kolokithokeftes/ Spanakotyropitaki/Pita with oregano and olive oil/Giourti me meli/Olives/Florina pepper/Cherry tomatoes/Cucumber

Lebanese breakfast PLN 28

Fried eggs/Falafel/Labneh - yogurt cream cheese with olive oil and zaatar/
Belella - chickpeas with tahini, aleppo bell pepper, olive oil and lime juice/ Spicy eggplant with tomato sauce and oriental spices/Salad/Pita with olive oil and zaatar spices

Sandwich + coffee PLN 18

Feta mousse / eggplant / Florina pepper / Lettuce / Green olives

Roasted turkey / Green cucumber / Lettuce / Mayonnaise sauce

Tuna / Pickled cucumber / Red pepper / Mayonnaise / Lettuce

Haloumi / Lountza / Tomato / Arugula / Basil sauce

dobro & dobro cafe

It’s good to start a day with a good coffee. And if a good coffee is accompanied by a good breakfast, the day starts doubly well, And it so happens (doubly well) that dobro & dobro cafe has in its offer both good breakfasts and good coffees. Every day until 1:00 PM.

Pular Omelette PLN 19,90
Fluffy omelette with lettuces, capers and dressing

Classic breakfast PLN 19,90
Fried eggs, baked sausages, baguette with cottage cheese mousse with lettuces, capers, dressing

Baked eggs PLN 19,90
Eggs, gouda cheese, grilled eggplant, caramelized onion, trio of tomatoes sauce, pesto, arugula, dressing

Crostini with hollandaise sauce PLN 19,90
Gluten-free bread, poached eggs, trio of tomatoes sause, pesto, hollandaise sauce, cherry tomato, parmesan cheese

Crostini with guacamole and salmon PLN 19,90
Gluten-free bread, guacamole, poached eggs, smoked salmon, cottage cheese mousse, arugula, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar

Pancakes with chocolate PLN 16
Fluffy pancakes with chocolate flowing from the center, seasonal fruits and whipped cream

Oatmeal PLN 9,9
Classic healthy meal based on oatmeal with fruits and honey, cinnamon and nuts

Etno Cafe

Breakfast is breakfast, but! If, apart from a delicious breakfast, you also want an aromatic coffee, you should definitely visit Etno Cafe! The cafe always works with several different varieties of beans. Before you order, ask about available types and choose the one that best suits your taste. However, it's always worth to accompany coffee with a crunchy baguette or freshly baked bagel with seasonal toppings, as well as already iconic sandwiches with egg paste and bacon or pesto with mozzarella.

Eggy Breakfast (pasture-raised eggs)

Shakshuka (at choice: chorizo and goat cheese / classic) PLN 25/23

Breakfast plate (2 eggs, salad, bread, 3 pastes) PLN 23

Bagel with fried egg (at choice: bacon / halloumi / salmon) PLN 19

French toast (at choice: ham, cheese, fried egg / ham, cheese) PLN 17/15

Scrambled eggs made of 3 eggs (at choice: bacon / chives) PLN 15/14

SANDWICHES (baguette or bagel, always with greens) PLN 15

Egg paste, bacon

Chicken, tomato, pepper, mayonnaise

Tuna paste, cream cheese

Pesto, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes

Corn paste, falafel, pepper


serrano ham, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, lamb's lettuce, arugola

Bakery Browary Warszawskie

Bonjour! It is the Bakery where you can sit at one of the tables, have a coffee, order personalized sandwiches and feel like on one of the French streets!  They offer a variety of meat and vegan sandwiches, as well as their iconic sweet pastries - cruffins, croissants, pain au chocolat and many other gluten-free delights!

Sobremesa Tapas Bar

At weekends, we recommend going for Spanish classics at Sobremesa! On Saturdays and Sundays, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, you can taste the real breakfast classics from the Iberian Peninsula. Fans of savoury and sweet breakfasts will find something for themselves. A separate category is given to fans of churros.

Churros PLN 17
Spanish donuts, caramel and rosemary sauce, apple cider, cocoa sugar, sea salt

Torrijas PLN 19
Parkerhouse roll, vanilla cream, strawberry puree, macerated strawberries, roasted almonds

Pan tostado con tomate PLN 13
Crispy Spanish baguette with tomatoes, garlic and oil

Pan tostado con queso manchego PLN 18
Crispy Spanish baguette with Manchego cheese, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil

Pan tostado con jamon serrano PLN 18 zł
Crispy Spanish baguette with Serrano ham, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil

Tortilla del dia PLN 16
Spanish omelette made of pasture-raised eggs, confit potatoes, fried onion, aioli

Huevos con verduras a la parilla PLN 17
Braised vegetables, eggs, spicy tomato and  pepper sauce, confit padron pepper, cherry tomatoes, spinach, baguette with aioli

Huevos con setas al horno PLN 23
Roasted oyster mushrooms, eggs, seasonal vegetables, confit padron pepper, blanched kale, rosemary and garlic oil, baguette with aioli

Huevos con al pastor PLN 26 zł
Spanish sausages, eggs, braised vegetables, spicy tomato and pepper sauce, confit padron pepper, cherry tomatoes, spinach, baguette with aioli

Bocadillo de chistorra PLN 22
Spanish sandwich with grilled chistorra
sausage, saffron aioli, chorizo ketchup, home-made pickles, tomato, lettuce, red onion and patatas bravas

What do you say? Who’s going to taste brewery breakfasts?

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