Krytyka Kulinarna about Gastronomja

"Gastronomja - it's very likely that they serve here the best sour soup in the city."

Krytyka Kulinarna about Gastronomja at the Warsaw Breweries.

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"My way to this sour soup was roundabout, more on that shortly, but you have to know that I haven't had a soup as wonderful as this in a long time. And I love soups. Winter without a soup is [...] No I haven't written that, it just seems that way."


At Stary Dom, tartare chopped in front of the guests has always been a big smash. It has always been like that and that is supposed to determine its potential best in the capital city. So ok, they chop here too. I encourage you to articulate with your mouth what you like, i.e. how much it should be chopped, how seasoned, etc. Then you will get what suits you best without a fuss. I, for example, like it when my tartare is not chopped to a pulp, because there is really no reason to murder that cow two times, but it is nice to feel the texture of the meat. At least I like it. I also like a lot of pickled mushrooms, for example. My tartare here was prepared exactly the way I like it and I think that is its greatest asset.

You should know that Gastronomja is not the cheapest place. Starters are from PLN 34 up to PLN 79, main courses range from PLN 64 in case of a vegetarian burger to PLN 138 for lamb chops, and dry-aged steaks are always over PLN 100. This is purely to inform you, because I am not in the habit of commenting on prices as long as they are not in flagrant contradiction with the quality.

In case of a appetizer it was even quite delicate, maybe a little too sweet, but still very tasty ceviche of halibut. This light, pleasant dish, with peace of mind I can recommend it to you.

And here begins the roundabout way to this sour soup I write about at the very beginning Pumpkin cream with mango-vanilla popcorn is considered to be all right, although it lacked a bit of wildness, especially since the popcorn suggested it. Meanwhile, this is a mild, sweet soup. A bit for children. Tasty but without fireworks.

If there is some kind of crayfish soup on the menu, I usually order one. And here it is. Crayfish is a noble product and it's sad when something goes wrong. Someone dropped a salt shaker into the pot with this soup. Or they are in love, I don't know. I like salt, I really do. I salt quite a bit according to today's "healthy" standards, but here my eyes were watering for real. I struggled, I drank water after each tablespoon, but after three or four I gave up.

And here's what happened that should have happened in such a place: I told our waitress about the oversalted crayfish, the crayfish disappeared from ourntable without a second thought, and I decided to have their sour soup. Oh, sour soup! Listen, what kind of sour soup is this! On point sour, rich, with a complex flavor and a very intense aroma of noble boletes. You can only love it. And a bowl of creamy, wildly buttery mashed potatoes topped with crunchy cracklings. I swear, I can't remember the last time I had such a brilliant sour soup. For this one soup it is worth to travel quite a few miles. Maybe I will eat it every time I visit the Warsaw Breweries. Well, it's love! In addition, neither of these two soups was on our bill. It wasn't necessary, I would have paid for the sour soup with relish, but I appreciate the small gesture.

Next we got a vegetarian burger with jackfruit instead of meat. We ordered it just because of that topping and it turned out to be a great guess. Jackfruit does not taste like meat and nobody tries to pretend anything. It is instead quite thick, very well seasoned and so... filling. It's great, especially because their onion jam is also very good and there is a nice selection of sauces.

At the end conservatively - a confit leg of goose. Because it's goose season, and because I hardly ever eat meat at home, so I'm having fun out in the city, and because I felt like it. The meat is good, nice and coming off the bone, quite tender. Excellent beets, really classy. Moreover, roasted potatoes with herbs and a few sauces. Classics. Very well done, you can order it.

All in all - a cool place for a business dinner and possibly the best place in the city to have sour rye soup.


Well, I fell in love with it to the bitter end!


- Magdalena Grzebyk