Krytyka Kulinarna about the Warsaw Breweries

The Warsaw Breweries - where and what to eat ?!

"So many great food concepts in one place is pure gold, so let's be happy that in these not-so-friendly times for this industry such a place has been opened. And it feeds like hell!" 

We also invite you to read the review of Magda Grzebyk - Krytyka Kulinarna, who visited Warsaw Breweries again and shares her opinion with us.

You should know that the Warsaw Brewerie can be considered as a relatively new place, not all the restaurants have been opened (yet), but even now you can choose from a wide variety of dishes. You can have excellent pizza, Spanish tapas, Greek mezze and Balkan ćevapci. Asia is also strongly represented, but Poland is not left behind. There is a brewery here and they brew very good beer, there is also a huge food hall with a beautiful bar in the middle. Not bad!   biwell, America! I love places like this especially when they have people behind their food who do it really well.

A’Panu occo?

Roll with fried mozzarella cheese

Brilliant! First of all, they have a pizza oven here and they bake rolls there, which are served with different fillings. That' s Neapolitan street food that you can only fall in love with. They blend a little bit of this Naples with other locations, but it comes out great. So you'll get a beef roll here with a mole sauce, or with a hoisin duck , or with pastrami, or with fried calamari with chorizo. But I especially recommend the one with a big ball of fried mozzarella cheese and basil pesto. This is debauchery like no other!

Viet Nem

Banh Xeo. They have quite a large menu, in which you can find spring rolls, spring rolls, fried rice, or a great, very original Pho soup based on broth cooked for ten hours, which - as a Vietnamese tradition - I recommend for breakfast, because nothing is as filling as it is. But then there is Banh Xeo that you cannot just pass by. This dish is absolutely wonderful! I have eaten this dish in Vietnam and this Warsaw's version does not differ from the original. Banh Xeo is something like a crunchy pancake with lots of toppings. Choose its classic version with shrimp and bacon. You will be dead keen on it, I promise.

Falla Wrap

A burger with cheese. Falla Wrap is an alternative for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who feels like eating something without meat. I recommend to give up your diet for a while and have a smooth bite into a burger with fried cheese. You cannot count calories when it comes to this dish, because your calculators will blow up, but the pleasure of crunchy, stretchy cheese will compensate for any indiscretion. Additionally, there are plenty of toppings and this is heaven. Or cholesterol hell, as you prefer.

Browar Warszawski 

Beef rib and beer

First of all this is the heart of the whole thing, this is where they brew their beer which is really good. If you prefer stronger spirits, they also have a very good variety whiskeys The restaurant is large, has several levels and you can easily find a place to sit and talk. The place is great for a meeting with friends as well as for a business lunch or dinner. Be sure to order beef rib here, which is fabulously perfect. Delicate, the meat itself comes off the bone, falls apart into fibres and melts in your mouth. This is an absolutely perfectly prepared dish. 

Octo pasta pizza

Octo pasta pizza

Once again we have a pizza oven here (beautiful one!), there are a few appetizers, such as excellent mules in cider and cream sauce, but the pizza here is flawless. Once again, Dziurka od Klucza is responsible for this concept, so it comes as no surprise that fluffy rims surround a thin, insanely tasty center decorated with the highest quality ingredients. Oh, pizza, your my life!


Čevapci with milky caramel

Munja is a Balkan restaurant to the full. It's a large, spacious, very nicely decorated restaurant with a considerable menu and plenty of Balkan classics. If you miss your vacations in the Balkans, you will remember them here. Here you can have fish soup, shopska salad or stuffed squid. If, however, your heart beats stronger at the sound of such words as "ćevapci" and "milky caramel", come this way. Here, this local lamb ćevapci is pure delight. It's also important to know that they ask how well it should be cooked, and we don't want to kill the lamb twice, so we choose medium. The meat is juicy and full of flavour. To this we add milky caramel made on the spot, a small portion of shopska salad, ajvar and potatoes. It' s a Balkan paradise.


Fried calamari. At Olivos you'll get classic Greek coffee, so if you miss vacations, this is the way to go. There's also good tzatziki, and on the other flank, pizza and pasta with meatballs (very tasty!). But what I will recommend to you especially, and in the context of holiday memories even more so, are fried calamari rings and live music that is soon to play here on Fridays. You will not guess who is supposed to sing! Well, a local waiter, as you can see a man of many talents and Greek by origin. If there is "Zorba", I'll be the first to go!



I got sentimental about this sweetbread. I remember how, not so long ago, the Polish gastronomy was in the middle of a revolution - we jumped from the good old pork chop to fine dining in the blink of an eye, but also to offal prepared in a masterly way. Products commonly regarded as conditionally edible came out of the shadows. Like some mushrooms. And a well-prepared sweetbread is poetry. I have a feeling that it has recently become a bit more reserved, pretty, instagram-like, but safe. And here you go - the perfect sweetbread, delicate and subtle, becomes more powerful when paired with a brandy-based sauce. It's an outstanding choice, milord.  And a roast tuna steak is also classy.

S’poke & śledzie 

A roll with a herring. I didn't expect that. Quite an interesting combination, because on the one hand you get healthy, colorful bowls packed with lots of ingredients, and on the other hand quite ascetic rolls with herring. The important thing is that this herring is of good quality, but the portions are not too big, so for a man such a roll may not be enough.

Silk & Spicy 

Crispy duck

Although they brag about pad thai, but it is crispy duck that I would like to recommend to you. The meat is soft and delicate, the coating is pleasantly crunchy and you get excellent sauces. I think that it's worth going to the food hall in a larger group and when you get a table, just order from different places and try them. There is such a variety of different cuisines that you will not get bored even for a second. At Silk & Spicy you can expect Thai classics such as coconut milk soup with shrimp or chicken, fried rice with vegetables or yellow and green curry.

Jasna Sprawa

Pork knuckle. A bit of Polish classics is a must. Their menu features beef tartare, roasted black pudding, home-made dumplings or tripe in the Warsaw style. And if you like the real thing, the pork knuckle here is just right - tender meat comes right off the bone, topped with horseradish puree (very good!) and cabbage. Well, whoever doesn't feel like eating a bit of Polish classics from time to time, let them cast the first stone. Do you see how diversified this place is? Vietnam stands next to Thailand, and together with them in a row Italy, Poland or Spain.

Okarima ramen


If anyone has a headache on Sunday morning, you're invited this way. They only have two ramen: vegan and not at all. Shoyu is pleasantly long in flavor and not too salty, which is nice because ramen although it should be salty, some people overdo it. And here it's just right. Decent bacon and an egg although a bit overrun, still a pleasantly creamy yolk. This soup is just good, even though ramen is noodles.


Azjatka i Japonki 

Shopping and sushi

You need to know that one more place has recently opened up: Japonka. So we have the following: Azjatka and Japonki coexist in one place. On the one hand, it's a small but nicely stocked deli with Asian products, on the other hand, a few tables and the best sushi in town. It really is the best. Because sushi is about two ingredients - fish and rice. Here, both are flawless. You can also order take-out from Japonki. However, newly opened Japonka is a more elegant place where you can eat only nigiri (what I wrote earlier? That sushi is all about rice and fish? That's right) and they don't do takeaways. Read my lips: Best. Sushi. In. The. City.


Moussaka. Greece, oh Greece, I love, I miss, you know how to get to the heart through my tummy. Mykonos was one of the first to open and they have rightly had a constant stream of visitors. The food here is very good, and I recommend the moussaka in particular. The meat is phenomenally seasoned, slightly spicy (cinnamon?) and the béchamel is creamy and delicate. One of the best in general, not only in Warsaw.

The Seafood Bar


This is such a nice stop between one pub and another. Sit down, order a glass of champagne and some oysters, and let's have a good time. The only comment I have is that it is relatively expensive here (17 PLN/piece), especially since these are not the brightest oysters I have ever had. I would say that they are quite... small. So I leave it up to you whether you want such an interlude or not. But do know that this option exists, and if you decide to try it, try the oysters in panko, they are not bad at all.

Bakery Browary Warszawskie

Croissants with filling. They bake everything here on the spot, behind a glass wall, and they do it really well. I buy bread here every time and - to my misfortune - I am not able to resist croissants generously filled with various kinds of creams. I recall with a shrug the one with blueberries, but I promise you will be taken aback by any one version. Just take a napkin, because there is so much filling that it will run down your chin. Oh, its carbohydrate delight!


Churros. This dessert will easily replace your entire one meal. I'm serious now. The churros here are thick, tender inside, crunchy on top, lightly coated on one side with fine sugar mixed with cinnamon and served with chocolate and caramel. These are a true indulgence, but acaramel version is unbeatable. Only after these you won't be able to eat anything else, so again I recommend taking someone to help you and not stopping at one place when there is a lot twinkle from around the corner....



In my life, I would never have said that Lewandowski's name would appear in one sentence with the word "cheesecake" on my own blog. And yet, life is full of surprises. Nine's just opened, the first days were notorious lines of two hours to get in and get a table at all. I stood, went in, ate and I have to tell you that I am very positively surprised. So much so, that I took the liberty of writing a review of this place a few days ago. And the New York cheesecake? Ah, the New York cheesecake they have here is of high quality. Heavy, perfectly creamy, with the consistency of butter at room temperature, not too sweet. Top of the line!