Sobremesa – the finger- licking - good place!

"Sobremesa", in the language of Don Quixote, means (among others) "dessert". Surprisingly, there are only three desserts on the menu of the tapas bar "Sobremesa". Although, in my opinion, there is actually one more there. But I will save this magical, mysterious, stunningly good "dessert-not-dessert" for a pre-punchline of today's meeting with gastronomy in Warsaw Breweries.​

We got here in the middle of a lovely June rainstorm. We didn't have time to get wet, because from the underground parking lot (which, until the end of the summertime, rooms cars for 50% of its nominal price) to the restaurant we had to walk only 20 meters with a fully functioning umbrella. Nevertheless, a waiter, already leading us to our table, carefully offers us something warm to drink. By the way - this waiter, who introduced himself as Rafał, is an incredibly strong point of the restaurant. He hints, advises, tells us about the place, the menu and the plans... As a result, a waiting time for tapas does not get long and passes on a pleasant exchange of opinions. Probably there is a contribution of the weather - in such a downpour there are not many guests in the restaurant, so you can devote more time to those few in the room. The garden is also empty, although... it is very charming, because many tables are hidden in a cradle vault passage between the buildings of Warsaw Breweries.

We quickly get our menus, and dogs get a bowl of water. Or even two - so each has its own, and we look at the menus. The full name of the place is SOBREMESA TAPAS BAR, so no wonder that we will focus on tapas. To start - apart from perhaps a little too dry Sangria and very refreshing passion fruit lemonade, we would like to order:

- fried free-range chicken wings,

- chorizo in cider (how about that!),

- croquettes with sausage (which are not in our kitchen, so as an apology we finally get patatas bravas),

- Basque-style pulled pork shoulder,

- mini-burger of Polish beef with foie gras and goat cheese,

- roast beef tongue with Polish snails

- and patatas fritas, or French fries.

And I'll start with the fries, because they're good fries. The noblest in my life! I'm not a fan of fried potatoes, but those from Sobremesa brought me to my knees. Aioli, and yes - they do go great with them, but that's not the point. The point is that these fries... are crunchy! Boy, what a cool sensation for incisors, molars and a tongue! I didn't think I'd ever use the phrase "insane" in relation to banal fried potatoes, but this time I have no other choice. These fries are insane at least as much as a knight errant such as Don Quixote from the homeland of tapas bars.

The pulled pork shoulder of Basque origin doesn't impress me much. It is the only cold tapas in our entire order, accompanied by grilled Talo breads, Guindilla peppers, spicy Sakari and pepper aioli. It's a classic tapas to share with friends (perfect for three), but.... it's not my vibe (and my beloved). Not that I have a thing for Basque, but I prefer to move on quickly to „Basq-ages” - that is chorizo.

Chorizo in cider (next to cheese and charcuterie boards) is a simple test for any tapas house, because no wine or cider can save this appetizer if a chorizo sausage itself is of mediocre quality. And here Sobremesa passes the test perfectly. You can see that the product is selected well here and such a "bare" tapas as chorizo in cider is a perfect proof of that.

I recommend the wings in a coating of roasted corn and recommend not to snub mango and peach glaze as well as pineapple salsa and aioli in a "curry" version accompanying the four chicken appetizers. While on the wings themselves somehow they "infantilize" a meaty flavor, as a kind of "postres" (nota bene, this term describing a dessert has entered to the culinary world from the Basque language) works perfectly. I quietly scraped out a whole plate of these wing toppings.

The beef tongue is structurally tip-top, and there is so much meat that there is enough for a larger group of tapas eaters. It falls into fibers and requires no knife. The snails themselves (without shells) are quite bland, as are celery textures. The tongue tastes great, everything together is ok, but it doesn't thrill.

Unlike the burger with foie gras, goat cheese, sous vide egg yolk emulsion, mushroom salt, marrow aioli and a toast with said marrow. Poetry. This mini-burger is, in my opinion, a must-try item - in any case, me and my beloved will definitely not refuse them while our next visit. "This is lit" - I think I used such a term in response to the waiter's question "how's the burger?". By the way, while placing the order his face showed that we made a good choice in this place.

This burger and the previously applauded fries were therefore in the lead, but... we haven't said the last word yet. At least for me - because my better half still finishes the crispy fries and does not despise extra patatas bravas :) Although both of us would prefer instead to try croquetas present in the menu, but temporarily unavailable. Our waiter brings us news from the kitchen that croquetas will probably not be available in this Sobremesa, so as not to duplicate items from its twin restaurant. Instead, there will be dishes not available there. Something for something.

In the meantime, we have already decided that we will drag our tapas-loving friends here soon, so for good measure I decide to have "one-person" tapas. The choice falls on two items.

Our waiter is not a fan of flan. So it is recommended to us the Spanish answer to "death by chocolate", which will go down well with me, because my love is not a chocolate person. She, on the other hand, has her beloved churros, for which I am a little less fond, just like donuts. But ok. It turns out that churros here are outstanding! I emphasize, "EXCELLENT!" A downside of these Spanish donuts is generally their greasy exterior. No wonder - after all, they are bathed in deep fat just before serving. Meanwhile, churros made in Sobremesa boldly deny their origin, as if they were speaking to your mouth: "What fat? Where fat? We were bathing in a light cloud of people dreams about delicate churros, sir!". In short, these churros are surprisingly light, but at the same time, they are bigger than usual. Thick fingers without swirls a'la snack stick sausage - simple churros tubes sprinkled with cinnamon and accompanied by chocolate and caramel. Yum!

My muerte por chocolate is... chocolate. In more ways than one. It avoids chocolate monotony, doesn't overdo the amount of sugar, thinks about textures so the dessert doesn't get boring after two bites. This is a strong position in the short dessert section.

And now something that in my personal ranking lands in the first place in the emerging "top 10 of Warsaw Breweries"! Ladies and gentlemen, here is a duck fois grais with glazed cherries on a creamy torrijas, which is joined to the plate by a considerable pillow of roasted hazelnuts puree, and there is also a handful of caramelized pistachios and Brandy de Jerez... Delightful!

This is something amazing! This is so good it should be punishable, or at least illegal. Hazelnut hot puree destroys the mental balance of your taste buds and agrees with duck foie gras and this creamy bun perfectly. I didn't take a picture of my cleared plate so as not to compromise myself, but check it out for yourself and see how hard it is not to finish this marvel. The only drawback is that it’s not easy to divide. I would say that it is at most "tapas for two". And I don't know why, just when I was reviewing this item from Sobremesa, I was reminded of a series, x Spanish, "Foodie Love", which by the way I recommend to anyone who loves good food... Anyway, the duck foie gras here is the thing! And although on Sobremesa's menu this miraculous thing was placed in the "tapas" section (that's the last item I ordered), it could easily be repeated on the menu in the desserts section. And that was the promised pre-punchline.

And finally, something that for chefs and restaurateurs who love their profession can be more valuable than a star from a French guidebook. This something is a promise made by the restaurant's guests that they want to come back here. We will come back, because it was really exceptional. And returning clients are the best note that can be received when doing gastro. It is also influenced by the waiter, mentioned at the beginning of the article, who also influences the perception of Sobremesa as an extremely positive, open and friendly place with one aim - to procide you a pleasant time.

Just to inform:

The restaurant has two wings and a bar. I counted about 20 tables in both rooms, including higher, hocker tables for liquid snack lovers.

There are two rest rooms. Hombres and Mujeres, i.e. men's and women's.

The garden with about 15 tables, partially covered with a cradle arch, looks nice. A few of the tables, the ones pushed against the historic wall offer "outdoor sofas".

They feed breakfast here on the weekends (if only with churros) and offer lunches during the week.


Sample prices:

Red sangria – PLN 22

Chorizo in cider - PLN 25

Burger with foie gras and goat cheese – PLN 27

Crispy fries - PLN 14

Beef tongue with Polish snails - PLN 31

Chicken wings with salsa and glazes - PLN 25

Fried calamari with aioli - PLN 29

Chocolate dessert Muerte por chocolate – PLN 25

Churros with chocolate and caramel sauce - PLN 17