Beer brewing comes back to Warsaw Wola. Browar Warszawski opens

Another vibrant, groundbreaking and full of good taste place on the culinary map of Warsaw is being created.

The portfolio of the Kumpel Group will soon be extended and it will include as many as 18 kinds of craft beer brewed in the long-awaited Warsaw Brewery.

Warsaw Brewery is gradually tipping its hands. The next concept to appear in the new space will be Browar Warszawski! Cause what would Warsaw Brewery be without preserving the brewing tradition?

Another vibrant, groundbreaking and full of good taste place on the culinary map of Warsaw is being created. Behind the whole idea is Mark Zarkhin - a restaurateur with enormous achievements and experience, who for many years has been successfully operating across the eastern border, where he created over 120 restaurants. The Kumpel Group's portfolio includes original concepts serving traditional Galician cuisine and excellent beer, e.g. Baczewski and Kumpel, Pizza Lecentano chain of Italian restaurants, Rest in Warsaw. Baczewski and soon, as many as 18 kinds of craft beer from the long-awaited Browar Warszawski.

The brewery in Wola is back to its right place

It is hard not to agree that a lot of good is being created in Warsaw Brewery. Mark Zarkhin's new concept will soon appear as one of the most popular addresses in the capital. The brewers are working hard on the best recipes, selecting the best ingredients, tasting so that in the summer everyone can enjoy great, fresh beer. Browar Warszawski will occupy a part of the historic, 170-year-old cellars of the former Haberbusch and Schiele brewery. It will be located on an impressive area of nearly 2000 sqm, and the restaurant itself will occupy nearly 500 sqm. Additionally, guests will have a beautiful mezzanine of 660 sqm at their disposal. The entire project will also include Lecentano Italian restaurant and a cocktail bar. The restaurateur's goal is to create a place following the vision of the newly emerging part of the city. Such a place which will be visited by energetic inhabitants of the capital as well as tourists visiting Warsaw. Everyone will certainly feel special here because while preserving the historical spirit, the restaurant will be distinguished by its modern design, unique atmosphere and brewing tradition.

"Browar Warszawski is a large culinary and entertainment center with a very rich offer. Diversified cuisine, connoisseur craft beer, a cocktail bar with a wide entertainment offer, and a family Italian restaurant. Everyone will find something for themselves. This is an important project and a huge challenge for us as we must provide the highest quality of beer and service, open a new stage of brewing history in this wonderful place. Our team is working hard to create a place that will win the Varsovian’s hearts" - says Mark Zarkhin, the founder of Kumpel Group.

How brewing was done in the Brewery years ago

The Haberbusch, Schiele and Klawy Brewery was one of the largest and most famous in Warsaw. However, its history begins with the purchase of the Jan G. Schöffer’s Brewery on Krochmalna Street at auction. The first version of Jan G. Schöffer’s Brewery became famous for the production of Bavarian type beer (higher alcohol content and bitter taste). The Brewery, under the new name "Haberbusch and Schiele", preserved the recipes and continued the production of this kind of beer. Moreover, it specialized in Ale type beer and porter. In the 1880s and 1890s, the brewery was redeveloped and started using steam power. This change contributed to an increase in the sales and export. At that time, the "Haberbusch and Schiele" beer bottling plant was opened in Kiev.

Between 1909 and 1918, the position of the Brewery strengthened in the beer market, which contributed to the decrease in sale of imported beer from Germany. In this period, "Haberbusch and Schiele" became the indisputable leader of the Warsaw brewing industry. The offer of Pilsner beer and the so-called "kulmbacher type" beer also increased. Unfortunately, the turbulent times of World War II caused that the old brewery ceased to exist. Production resumed in 1954, and the official shutdown of the Brewery took place in 2005.

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