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The multicultural culinary mix is joined by Polish, or even traditional Polish and (old) Warsavian cusine - Gastronomja Restaurant!
And since the service here will be "French", everything that is most important (preparing the dishes) will take place in front of your eyes and tables.

It is difficult to say whether the better soup to make a "bon jour" is our daily sour soup, or whether "le onion" is the queen of first courses. And it would be a little stupid to choose. Fortunately, you don't have to, because GASTRONOMJA is a restaurant that will reconcile "food bon vivants" from the Vistula and the Seine, serving guests with modern Polish and French cuisine. Ba! There will even be cuisine from all over Europe!

A variety of dishes will be prepared or finished right at your table. And it's both the Polish tartare and the French thymus. And this is, frankly speaking, that półfrancuski service. The GASTRONOMJA kitchen is also open. And not only open to the curiosity of the eyes of regulars who suspect the kitchen from the kitchen. This openness will allow you to take a place around the kitchen to enjoy your food in front of chefs and sous-chefs who prepare your dishes and desserts!

Tip for those who eat with their eyes


The restaurant operates in accordance with the philosophy of "fine dining", which in free translation means that you will not need to use any filters for insta photos :)