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Warsaw Breweries are one of the most spectacular revitalizations in Warsaw. In the place where 170 years ago the Haberbusch and Schiele brewery, famous throughout Europe, was built, the city comes to life again.

One of the best breweries in Europe

The history of Warsaw Breweries dates back to 1846 when the Haberbusch and Schiele brewery was established in the quarter of the city delimited by Grzybowska Street in the south and Krochmalna Street in the north. The brewery, the largest in the Kingdom of Poland and one of the most important on the brewing map of Europe, grew rapidly and underwent impressive modernizations. It was the best equipped city brewery.

The brewery operated until World War II. During the war, it did not avoid serious damages. In the following years, it was passed over from hand to hand and changed names, but it was still in business. During the socialism, Coca-Cola was produced here -  in 1972 the first bottles of this drink produced under the American license left production lines in the Warsaw brewery.

Eventually, the brewery collapsed and for many years this part of Wola was almost completely forgotten by Warsaw residents. In 2017 Echo Investment's project began - the biggest revitalization in the capital city and at the same time a new chapter in the history of this place. The revitalized Warsaw Breweries were opened in 2021. They are once again vibrant and fill the capital's Wola with creative energy.

Modern architecture with respect for history

Behind the spectacular revitalization of Warsaw Breweries stands the award-winning JEMS Architekci studio. Between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna, and Krochmalna Streets a multifunctional complex was created with three modern office buildings, five stylish apartment buildings, and a restaurant and service zone. Here you can eat, shop, take care of yourself, meet with friends and find relaxation in open green squares.

The central point of the complex and one of the most important goals of the architects was the restoration of the historic part of the former brewery. The history of the place is recalled by the revitalized buildings: the 19th century Malthouse, the 170-year-old Storage Cellars, the Laboratory and the Fabricant’s Villa. We can visit these historical buildings in newly opened restaurants and cafes and feel the spirit of old Warsaw. The new buildings' proportions, façade design and materials refer to the historical buildings, complementing them harmoniously. Among others, characteristic copper-coloured panels which harmonize with the historic buildings were applied.

An important part of the project are open-access squares, around which life in Warsaw's Wola goes on. There is plenty of places to relax and take a walk, as there are as many as five friendly and beautifully designed spaces: the bustling Malthouse Market with a fountain and benches hanging in a birch forest, the quiet Laboratory Courtyard, the Central Garden towering over the Storage Cellars and the Lower Square, the Brewery Gate Square welcoming guests from Grzybowska Street, and the Breakfast Square hidden in the residential part of Krochmalna Street.

The main pedestrian street of Warsaw Breweries is Haberbusch and Schiele Street (the founders of the former brewery). It attracts attention because of its unusual, post-industrial pipeline and urban graffiti which will soon decorate its entire length. This internal street is the first woonerf in Warsaw, that is an urban alley with greenery, with slowed down traffic, where pedestrians have preference. It is a new urban space where life will go on outside.

The history comes full circle, because once again it will be possible to drink beer brewed on site. Under the cradle vaults of the former Storage Cellars, the Warsaw Brewery will produce as much as 384 thousand liters of beer a year, the same as it used to be.

Warsaw Breweries - a new place on the culinary map of Warsaw, worth knowing!

At 60 Grzybowska Street, you can taste the famous Munja, which has been loved by the residents of Warsaw for years. It is the only restaurant in Poland which serves an amazing variation of Adriatic cuisine. Spanish Sobremesa Tapas Bar was opened at 56 Grzybowska Street, under the cradle vaults of the revitalized Haberbusch and Schiele brewery. Sobremesa, apart from its brilliant dishes, also serves live cooking performances. There is Piccola Italia & Mediterraneo at 61 Krochmalna Street - a unique concept of stores with food and wine imported from Mediterranean countries.

The Greek restaurant Mykonos and the Azjatka delicatessen, connected with the most instagrammable sushi in the capital, Japonki Sushi Warsaw Breweries, are also open. Bakery, Deseo and Etno Cafe as well as Dobro&Dobro Cafe are also open, and at the end of July Le Paradox, a wine bar (and store) with French wines, Gastronomja, Warsaw Brewery and Pizza Lecentanto will have their premiere! The first guests wll also be welcomed by the Olivos restaurant. Here we will feast according to the Mediterranean traditions. It is in Greece, Italy and other countries of the Mediterranean basin, that dinner can last until supper, and supper until dawn... Will the same rules be adopted in Warsaw Breweries? We will be happy to check it out!

Warsaw Breweries will include Food Hall Breweries. The Storage Cellars, with 1500 sqm, will house 12 food outlets with dishes from all over the world, the Central Bar, whose size ranks among the country's best, a music club, and two spacious gardens. Under the 170-year-old cradle vaults a brewing tradition will be revived by the Lviv-based Kumpel Group, known for its Rest Baczewskich, among others. One thing is certain - any moment now we will be able to drink the first beer brewed in Warsaw Brewery.

Summer in Warsaw Breweries will be full of attractions!

July in Warsaw's Wola district promises to be really interesting and intensive. You can really have a good time here! Every Wednesday and Sunday of the summer vacations at 9 p.m. you can watch movies in the open air, while relaxing in a deckchair. On the screen there will appear titles, in which food is not only a clear background, but also often a main character. Guests will watch movies such as 'Chef', 'Perfetti sconosciuti' or 'The Hundred-Foot Journey'. There will also be a lot of adrenaline for all action lovers. On Wednesdays, the screen will be filled with such movies as 'The Gentlemen' and 'Sherlock Holmes'.

Another attraction is an iconic Intergenerational Dancing connected with the Dance Academy. Every Sunday in July from 4 p.m. representatives of all generations meet for classes of standard, swing and latino dances. Age does not matter, all that matters is a desire to have fun and positive energy.

Warsaw Breweries has planned lots of fun activities for kids. Every Saturday in July and August Sensorysie will appear - a sensory set made of natural materials and fabrics for the youngest, as well as musical mornings. For older children, a zone of large-format board games and outdoor games with animators is planned. All summer events will take place among the beautiful greenery of the Brewhouse Square and the Laboratory Courtyard.

This summer Warsaw Breweries will make a buzz in the city! The calendar of new openings, planned events and cultural happenings is filling up fast. So check the news here and follow Warsaw Breweries on Facebook!

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