Great wines and more

Le Paradox is a place that you should visit while visiting Warsaw Breweries! Firstly, you can taste many types of wines here, and secondly, eat some delicious snacks while you have a good time!

"In vino veritas" - the ancients used to say, and the truth is (nomen omen) timeless. It's hard to find a more genuine French wine bar in our latitude than Le Paradox Wine Bar!

White, red, vegan, sparkling, with a certificate of originality and with a satisfaction guarantee ...
You can drink by the glass, you can drink by bottle, you can drink it sauté, and you can accompany it with delicious French cheeses, charcuterie and preserves, which in Le Paradox are supposed to be just an innocent addition, but still noteworthy.

Let us add that you can taste all these French delicacies on the spot (we recommend it) or take them all home.

If duck confit, various cheeses, foie gras, tuna rilette (we also didn't know it before) or delicious salted butter (perfect for the bread from the Bakery, of course) is your kind of guilty pleasures, you will visit Le Paradox very often. Tough shopping choices will be supported by a glass of wine, always available at attractive prices.

Being in the area, be sure to check out this new place on the map of Warsaw Breweries, and we guarantee you that you will love spending time here!

Check it out as soon as possible!