Japanese kitchen

There was sushi to go, time to eat on the spot!
This time Linh Nguyen and Dawid Uszyński took up a new approach to Japanese cuisine. And they called their new restaurant, opposite Japonki and Azjatka, Japonka.

The duo designed the menu to share the best of their meals, and the meal went through a variety of culinary techniques. That is why they describe the Japonkę the "cool casual" concept.

Apart from sashimi and sushi, you can try grilled robata dishes, Japanese beef or real tempura.

Dawid has prepared a whole list of interesting, casual and even home Japanese dishes that you will be able to try during lunches.

And who are the creators of all the confusion?

Linh Nguyen studied medicine, but "gave up the doctor's gown" to infect us with love for Asian cuisine. Nguyen (a curiosity - as many as 40% of Vietnamese bears this name) began her culinary career with the opening of Vietnamese restaurants, to which Warsaw culinary critics smacked with delight years ago.

And although "To To Pho" or "Pho Kwadrat" enjoy unflagging popularity, hungry for new experiences, Linh decided to introduce Korean cuisine and plant-based streetfood in the Pan-Asian edition.

On the other hand, Dawid Uszyński worked for many years in renowned London restaurants, incl. in North Road, awarded with 1 * Michelin. The growing fascination with Japan resulted in a change in his CV. For 5 years he improved his skills in the Japanese culinary arts school - Yashin restaurant, after which he became the chef of the Lebanese Mayha, specializing in the omakase tasting menu.

Being in the area, be sure to check out a new place on the map of Warsaw Breweries to meet these creative people, and we guarantee you that you will not run away from here soon! Certainly not hungry!

We invite you to the Japonka from Friday, September 17th!