Make yourself at Warsaw Breweries!

The season of gardens starts! We haven’t been waiting for anything as much as going out to a restaurant! Taka away food has some advantages, but it still doesn't reflect the real taste we can experience in the restaurant. From May 15, you'll be able to sit outside and enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper at these well-known and these not-yet-famous Warsaw gardens! Going out to a restaurant is more than just a quick lunch out, it's an element of social life that everyone has been missing so much.

Without any exaggeration, we can say that this season will belong to Warsaw Brewery. The new space in Warsaw's Wola district is filling up week by week with new tasty concepts. Are you curious what climatic gardens you will be able to enjoy from the 15th of May? Check out the list of restaurants, which are waiting for you with open arms... and gardens!

Mykonos - happiness needs space

This restaurant, apart from a beautiful garden, has a beautiful menu - you will find classic Greek meze, as well as moussaka, paidakia, souvlaki, spicy minced meatballs, grilled octopus, grilled dorado, perch, cod, lobster, shrimps, mussels, and even Greek version of sprats. And we haven't even mentioned the wide offer of lunches, which is prepared every day by the Vogdanos the chef’s team. You will also be impressed by the local collection of wines, both Greek and those from around the world. And where wine and a Greek chef are, there dancing and singing. And fest loves space. And that's why Mykonos is an enormous place with a big outdoor terrace. Yes, happiness needs space. Here you can find both. Come in and check it out for yourself!

Dobro & Dobro Cafe - a cafe that smells of coffee and love

Here you don't just fill your cup, you can feed your taste buds with their breakfasts, croissants, lunches, brunches and desserts. And if you're dreaming of your favorite coffee with a croissant in the sunny garden, from 15 May you can invite friends for coffee breakfast at Breweries. Believe us, the garden is wonderful - hidden behind the wall, which, combined with their decorations creates an amazing atmosphere and gives even more pleasure.

The aroma of a good atmosphere, fun and relaxation that we all need just floats here.

Japonki Sushi Warsaw Breweries - square rolls beloved by the capital

Have you already tasted the trendiest sushi in Warsaw? Now you have a chance to discover it in a nice place. Why is this sushi so special? This sushi is square, and the rice used in it maintains a balance of acidity, which may pull amateurs of "polished sushi" out of their comfort zone. However, only this kind of rice perfectly distinguishes the taste of fish and other uncompromising ingredients which, you can purchase "on the spot" as JAPONKI is located …. in the delicacies store, Azjatka. You'll find over a dozen sets in their menu, and periodically they introduce novelties made with exclusive ingredients imported not only from Japan - including tuna otoro, salmon roe, St. James mussels and sea urchins

Bakery Warsaw Breweries - soft, crunchy and tasty

Another place in Brewery where you can sit at one of the tables, drink tasty coffee and order so-called personalized freshly made sandwiches or get tempted to try the already cult cruffin in which the crispy dough hides a liquid filling. The one with pistachio cream is a real masterpiece. The local croissants are also well-deserved and famous. Believe us, if you try their baking once, you will always come back for them!

DESEO - sweet works of art

A boutique patisserie that bases its uniqueness on petit gateau type desserts which are the world's icon of modern confectionery. These are small visual masterpieces whose beauty goes hand in hand with a fine fusion of taste sensations. In Polish gastronomic newspeak, "petit gateau" means "mono portion" because they are supposed "pleasures at a clip". In practice, you will come back to DESEO in Warsaw Breweries for these "one-time pleasures" more than once or twice. Those who have tasted it, know. In addition to outstanding sweets, they also have outstanding ice cream, which you can taste seating in their lovely garden!

That's not the end of the tasty list! In May more gastronomic concepts will open in the area of Warsaw Breweries. They will delight with their appearance both inside and outside! Remember this address – you’ll surely find lots of good there!

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