A Cosmopolitan Feast

A Cosmopolitan Feast at the Refurbished Warsaw Breweries

by Warsaw in Your Pocket

Transforming post-industrial complexes into vibrant gastronomy and nightlife hubs has been all the rage in recent years, and now Warsaw has added a new gem to the list: Browary Warszawskie, the Warsaw Breweries. This sprawling site, revamped and filled with plant life, houses numerous cafes, bars and contemporary food concepts with eats from around the globe. Here you’ll find treats ranging from Balkan barbecue and Neapolitan street food to warm pączki and freshly-brewed craft beer.

Bold architecture

Bold new architecture mixed with historic brewery buildings and green spaces at Browary Warszawskie.

Ragamuffins to riches

The history of this behemoth of a brewery dates back to 1846, when Błażej Haberbusch, Konstanty Schiele and Jan Henryk Klawe (AKA ‘Ragamuffin, Rascal and Gimp’) came together to start a new business venture. Their original product was dark Bavarian-style beer, and their knack for advertising and setting up beer gardens helped the business grow at a steady pace. In 1865 Klawe decided to leave the enterprise, and the brewery was renamed ‘Haberbusch and Schiele’ - a name it would retain for over a century. By 1911, H&S was the largest brewery in the Russian part of partitioned Poland, producing over 8 million bottles of beer per year.

During WWII, the brewery was decimated, and then swiftly nationalized when the communists took over. In the postwar years, production merely ambled along, and beer brewing was supplemented by bottling Coca-Cola under American license in the 1970s. In 2004, the site was abandoned and proceeded to crumble away for a decade, until an investor saw its postindustrial potential and decided to snatch it up.

New craft beers from the relaunched Browar Warszawski, which is up and brewing once again!

The nerve centre of Browary is the Food Hall, a large space inside vaulted, brick-walled lagering cellars. The Hall is capable of seating up to 300 merrymakers, who can choose from eleven contemporary food concepts, or mix and match as they please. Among the offerings are Silk & Spicy’s authentic Thai cuisine; panozzo sandwiches at 'a'Panu occo?!', a new venture by Dziurka od Klucza; a profusion of herring dishes at S’poke & Śledzie; Vietnamese spring rolls by VietNEMFALLA’s veggie wraps and hummus; pasta, pizza and seafood at Octo; Japanese broths at ökarimå Ramen; nostalgic, pre-WWII Varsovian cuisine by Jasna Sprawa; and high-quality dishes from self-explanatory eateries The Seafood BarThe Sushi and Boston Burger. The focal point of the Hall is the Central Bar, where you can imbibe craft beer, fine wine and fancy cocktails. Across from the Food Hall, you’ll find a visual treat: a colourful staircase mural designed by Polish artist Dawid Ryski, portraying social life at Browary.


Food Hall Browary

What else will you find in this hip district? What won’t you might be the more appropriate question. Start the day at the artisanal Bakery Browary Warszawskie with one of their signature ‘cruffins’ (yes, that’s a cross between a croissant and a muffin), at Vita Cafe with a pączek (that’s a traditional Polish doughnut), or with coffee at one of two well-loved Polish franchises - ETNO Cafe or dobro&dobro, the latter of which also offers a host of unusual drinks like sea-buckthorn tea and mango matcha lattes. When it comes to coffee and sweets, visit Deseo Patisserie & Chocolaterie - a luxury confectionery concocting toothsome cakes and desserts.


Deseo Patisserie & Chocolaterie at Browary Warszawskie.

For lunch and dinner, try Neapolitan pizza and hand-made pasta at Pizza Lecentano, 1920’s and 1930’s Varsovian dishes at Gastronomja, delicious Indian cuisine at Bombaj Masala, Balkan grilled meats at Munja, Greek-holiday favourites at Mykonos or assorted Mediterranean eats at Olivos. Catching up with your pals? The Sobremesa Tapas Bar is a safe bet for nearly any friend group, while NINE’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, owned by Polish football superstar Robert Lewandowski (sporting number 9 on the national team), is sure to appeal to sports enthusiasts. To impress a date, we would opt for the ‘cool casual’ sushi and sashimi bar Japonka, a bottle of red at Le Paradox wine bar or oysters at Port Royal. Lastly, for late night weekend shenanigans with the lads, it’s probably best off to Baila Show & Dining (reservations required). Want to take some deliciousness with you? Browary also has several delicatessens, where you can purchase high-quality Mediterranean ingredients (Piccola Italia and Mediterraneo), grass-fed beef (Crazy Butcher), fresh seafood (Portside), sushi to go (Japonki Sushi) and all sorts of Asian foodstuffs (Azjatka).


Fresh sashimi from Japonka, Browary Warszawskie.

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