Donuts in Vita Cafe

If you want to sweeten your hard day, drop by the newly opened Vita Cafe in Warsaw Breweries! Here you can taste delicious donuts and lots of other sweets. Remember one thing! If nobody sees you eating sweets, it doesn't count! :)


Every day, at 10 am, fresh and still warm donuts arrive at Vita Cafe.

Your resistance is futile. The fragrance around will captivate your senses. Therefore, immediately proceed to start considering what flavor you will choose. Vita Cafe tries hard not to make it an easy task.

What flavors can you try? Six every day! Three permanent stars: rose, salted caramel and cherry, and 3 changing flavors.

Due to the return to school, the flavors have been arranged in ... a donut lesson plan! So every week you will be able to check the donut offer for each day.

Nothing else to say but do try it yourself!