Exposition of competition works

"Wola się zmienia" an extraordinary exposition of competition works in the Warsaw Breweries!

Wola is currently one of the fastest growing districts of Warsaw. The dynamics of these changes was captured by the participants of the "Wola się zmienia" competition organized by Warsaw Breweries in cooperation with Nowa Warszawa. Over 320 photos appeared under the competition hashtag!

Modern architecture and new functions quickly found their way to Wola, one of the largest districts of Warsaw. The district recovers entire quarters that have been forgotten for years, an example of which is Warsaw Breweries. The investment, which revived the nearly 4.5 hectare post-industrial part of Wola, today attracts with its perfectly composed gastronomic and service offer. New buildings, which were built in the vicinity of carefully revitalized historical buildings, naturally fit into the landscape of the district. It was this change in the Wola landscape that inspired the organization of the "Wola się zmienia" photo competition.

Many of the submitted works covered the new Wola quarter, which is Warsaw Breweries, but there were also photos, incl. from Rondo Daszyńskiego - the high-rise center of Warsaw. The photos showed both modern and contrasting shots.

Works could be submitted from October 19 to November 2, marking them with competition hashtags. As part of the competition, 16 finalists were selected, whose works in large format appeared at the out-door exhibition along the Haberbusch and Schiele woonerf. The exposition at Warsaw Breweries can be admired until the end of November.

First place went to Michał Karpa (@karpik_visuals), second place was Artur Brzozowski (@art_brzo), third place - Mariusz Majewski (@funkyspion)

The awards ceremony was held in Warsaw Breweries.