Goose on St. Martin's Day

Goose on Saint Martin Dat at the Warsaw Breweries!

After very successful Pumpkin Fest it comes time for another themed menu at the Warsaw Breweries! Goose on Saint Martin Day is the second part of the recurring culinary events. This time, between 11th and 21st November, the restaurants will prepare unique dishes featuring goose meat. Would you like to taste a confit goose leg with roast French potatoes with herbs and glazed beetroots, or gnocchi with pulled, slow-roasted goose in a leek sauce? Visit the Warsaw Breweries and taste the specially composed dishes!

Below we suggest which places have prepared special menus on this occasion.

On St. Martin's Day the best goose without delay

Goose meat has been served on Polish tables since the 17th century. According to a Polish saying, "on Saint Martin's Day the best goose is served without delay" Why? Because on 11 November, we also commemorate Saint Martin and it is in his honour that goose dishes appear on Polish tables. This year, the Warsaw Breweries took up the challenge to remind the Varsovians of the Old Polish tradition. For several years, more and more restaurants across Poland have been trying to revive the tradition of eating goose meat on the National Independence Day.

And how will goose meat be shown at the Warsaw Breweries?

The first impressive item will be the Warsaw Brewery, where guests will have a chance to taste the excellent confit goose leg with red cabbage, pickled plums and wine and a cherry sauce straight from the Josper Grill!

If you are looking for more Mediterranean dishes, but with goose as the main character, we recommend visiting Sobremesa Tapas Bar, which has decided to pamper palates with a roulade of confit goose leg with rosemary, celery puree and candied cherries and nuts.

Gastronomja will surprise us this time with two seasonal menu items, a delicious carpaccio of smoked goose breast with Emilgrana cheese and marinated porcini mushrooms, as well as a confit goose leg with roast French potatoes with herbs and glazed beetroots.

Another strong point in this game is the Food Hall Brewery - a real feast for the senses awaits you here.

A'Panu occo invites you for panuozzo sandwich with slow-roasted goose with roasted apple mousse with smoked chives, cranberry mayonnaise, a low-salt pickeled carrot, romaine lettuce and a pickled red onion

OCTO pasta & pizza, on the other hand, offers gnocchi with pulled, slow-roasted goose in a leek, mushroom and rosemary cream sauce.

At Boston Burger you can count on a more filling option, namely a burger with goose meat.

However, if you feel like a classic, i.e. goose in a traditional way, make sure to stop at Jasna Sprawa, which prepared goose breast with a roasted pear, mashed potatoes and cranberries.

Ökarimå Ramen will be serving special ramen for a week - Shoyu ramen with flavored goose fat, based on the legendary alkaline noodles with an egg, corn, roasted goose breast, shitake and chilli.

And if you would like to prepare goose dishes yourself, we recommend going to Crazy Butcher delicatessen, where you will get, among other things, oat fed goose (whole or in portions) and goose charcuterie (kabanos sausages, sausages, smoked goose breast calles Półgęsek).

We have good news for all Saint Martin's croissants lovers! Visit one of the best bakeries in Poland, Warsaw BreweriesBakery, that has prepared truly unique croissants with white poppy seeds. It's better to make reservations, because here the novelties and seasonal products disappear in a blink of an eye!

The Warsaw Breweries invite you to a special menu which will be available only between 11th and 21st November. This is a good excuse to discover new flavors and pamper your taste buds with something really special.

It is worth watching further steps of the Warsaw Breweries, which more and more confidently enter the culinary map not only of Wola, but also of the entire Warsaw. In a few moments, there will be other events which cannot be overlooked. These include, among others, days with potato dishes or Christmas feasting in a completely different way!

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