“June long weekend” in Warsaw Breweries

Upcoming long weekend seems to be much warmer than the beginning of May. And with the favourable weather, there is no time to waste. We need to explore Warsaw Breweries!

Combine the walk among our old haunts with breakfast, great coffee and fantastic ice cream! Finish your day with a pleasant evening together with your friends or family in the gardens of Warsaw Breweries!

And possible options are aplenty.

Sobremesa Tapas Bar

A Spanish tapas bar in Warsaw Breweries. Its name means dessert served after an exceptionally satisfying feast. SOBREMESA lacks neither churros nor modern Spanish dishes. Besides perfect food, SOBREMESA also provides unusual live cooking shows and cocktails that are out of this world.

MYKONOS Greek Restaurant & Bar


In the local menu one can find classic Greek meze (starters). Remember to leave some place in your stomach for moussaka, paidakia (grilled lamb loin cutlets), souvlaki, hot meatballs, grilled octopus, orada (gilt-head bream), perch, cod or lobster, as well as shrimps, oysters and even sprats Greek style. In addition, you will certainly be impressed by the selection of wines from all around the world. And on Friday and Saturday evenings you can enjoy live music, a part of the 'Island Experience' events.



MUNJA is the only restaurant in Poland that presents a unique approach to the Southern European cuisine. It merges the Balkan fire with the Mediterranean levity originating in Italy. MUNJA located in Warsaw Breweries fascinates with original dishes from Adriatic shores, served directly from a fiery grill using only coal and wood as fuel.

Japonki Browary Warszawskie


JAPONKI WARSAW BREWERIES is the most fashionable sushi restaurant in the capital! This comes as no surprise, as the square rolls that took Instagram by storm really make an impression and rile up emotions. You can sit in the restaurant or at the table outside and also do some shopping in the AZJATKA WARSAW BREWERIES store.

DESEO Patisserie & Chocolaterie


DESEO is made unique by the petit gateau desserts that are a world-renowned icon of the modern confectionery.  These are small visual masterpieces paired with the fine fusion of the flavour experiences.  In the culinary Polish newspeak, 'petit gateau' are often referred to as 'monoportions', on account of being 'single-bite pleasures'. This means that you will be visiting DESEO time and time again to enjoy such 'one-time bliss'. Who tried it once, knows.

Bakery Browary Warszawskie


In BAKERY one can sit comfortably at one of the tables, have something warm to drink and order one of so-called 'personalized sandwiches' made from fresh ingredients. .Egg paste, avocado, pâté, salami - the list of ingredients goes on and on. We can assure you that recipes are not half-baked and excellence is the daily bread for the staff. Sweet baked goods are represented by a surprising crufin, hiding a liquid filling in its crunchy shell. Local croissant enjoy a well-deserved fame, what comes as no surprise, given that BAKERY is a Polish-French establishment.

Etno Cafe


If you love the taste of coffee, you will be a frequent guest here. If you come here by chance, you will love the taste of local coffee. If you haven't visited ETNO CAFE yet, we can only envy you, as the first exposure to their brew will undoubtedly bring another dimension to the word 'coffee'.  And while you're at it, don't forget to taste the Cold Brew Coffee, that is a coffee shot macerated in low temperatures. Perfect for starting a warm weekend.

dobro & dobro cafe


It is good to start the day with a good coffee. And if the good coffee is accompanied by a good breakfast, the day is doublegood. And so it happens that dobro & dobro ('dobro' meaning 'goodness' in Polish) offers good breakfasts and good coffee. We recommend to try cappu orange - triple espresso drawn out not with water but with... 100% orange juice. It is available in warm and cold versions.