Meet your New Year's resolutions

We know that keeping New Year's resolutions can be... well... difficult. Before January turns into February and only pangs of guilty remain, it is worth taking the most difficult first step. And this step will be much more pleasant if you take it in the Warsaw Breweries.

Better health and/or appearance

It' s no secret that most of us have our own goals regarding our health and/or appearance. This is where you should reach out the qualified instructors and personal trainers at Calypso Fitness Club located in the Warsaw Breweries. They will surely advise you on how to approach the issue most effectively, and you will get a personalized training plan and the possibility to monitor your progress included in the price of your membership.

Or maybe you want to refresh your look? Put yourself in good hands of Jarosław Juźwin and Sebastian Kobielski, who in their atelier by Juźwin | Kobielski exquisitely carry out changes in the appearance of both women and men. And they do it in a complex way - they will look at your nails, suggest a spectacular makeover and make-up, advise what to throw out of your closet and what to invite to it.

If you happen to belong to our male guests, you can also visit Hamski Barber. Their team has a dozen different machines, trimmers and razors on hand to get your hair or beard back to its best self. Just remember to make an appointment in advance.

More time for yourself

How many times have you promised yourself this? A good way to keep that resolution is to make some seemingly small habits that, when combined, have a big effect. You can leave your laundry and ironing to Executive Laundry's experts, where they will welcome shirts as well as blankets, linens and curtains, and return them clean and ironed. That's not all. These cleaning experts here go out of their place and come to help clean apartments and other establishments in the area.

You can, of course, leave the matter of cooking to the chefs from numerous restaurants in the Warsaw Breweries. You will save time by visiting one of them or ordering a meal delivered to your home or office. And thanks to the great variety of restaurant concepts you will surely find a cuisine that suits your current diet.

Getting out to people more

Lately, circumstances have forced many of us to stay indoors. Whether it's to work remotely or isolate for our own safety. Some of us have gotten into the habit of doing so. If you don't have a problem with it - that's great.

However, if you'd like to get out of your place more on Friday or Saturday nights, we invite you to Baila Show & Dining, for a spectacular show and their party area. Nearby, in Food Hall Browary, besides many culinary concepts, on weekends you will be entertained by a DJ. The same goes for Mykonos Bar & Restaurant or Sobremesa Tapas Bar. Anyway, all restaurants offer various attractions - it' s worth checking our website to see what's going to happen.

We also have a New Year's resolution - to open all the places in the Warsaw Breweries so that you can enjoy the full diversity of our space. We are really close to achieving it, in the nearest future Port Royal, Bombaj Masala, Executive Lounge and a Club will open their doors. Follow our website, social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned with all the news.

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