My Big Greek Fest in Mykonos by Tasteaway

When I heard about the opening of Mykonos, a new Greek restaurant in Warsaw Breweries, I was doubly sure that I would get there soon. Not only because it's new, Greek and sounds promising, but also because it was the first restaurant to open in Warsaw Breweries.

As a native Varsovian, I am delighted with the way the Wola district has changed over the last few years! And what has happened at Grzybowska raises hope that a new great place on the map of Warsaw is being created. Old buildings such as Malthouse, Breweries Villa or Laboratory have been revitalized as part of the project. We invite you to the Breweries, because of our next DESEO cafe. But before we talk about us and before more restaurants open, get to know MYKONOS. It is very worth it!

Mykonos is another restaurant of an experienced Greek Restaurateur who has El Greco or Paros in Warsaw. We used to like Paros a lot, but I admit - we haven't been there for quite a long time. We visited Mykonos 3 times in July! What's more, Łukasz was there for dinner two days in a row! This is a sign of something ? You find not only good food here, but also a cool, evening atmosphere or, what would sound more fashionable, a cool, international vibe? Łukasz said that in Mykonos in Grzybowska he feels a bit like... in Miami. That's a compliment, because we liked Miami very much, also because of its lively restaurants.

We were in Mykonos with a company, so I feel like we tasted a really big chunk of the menu! ? We know what is great and what is not so great and should be worked on. Catch what we go for, and there are a lot! Race to Mykonos if you don't already have tickets to Greece!

For the beginning, appetizers and warm pita are a must. We take the Greek classic, tzatziki, but also two more Arabic pastes - babaganoush of roasted eggplant with tahini and garlic (also served with pita), which we love, and the muhammara of Greek peppers, pomegranate molasses and walnuts, which the staff recomends us to try. At first, I am quite sceptical, but ok, we take it! And it's a very good choice because the muhammara comes out awesome. Among the cold appetizers, you will also find hummus and dolmadakia, which are classic Greek grape leaves filled with rice and herbs. I'm more tempted by the hot appetizer section because there's a lot of good stuff going on there!

Hot appetizers include oven-baked feta with tomatoes, garlic and herbs, lamb and beef koftas with mint and garlic or shrimp. We choose Bujurdi, which is baked Greek graviera cheese, feta with halloumi with chilli and tomatoes, grilled halloumi on pita, and fried calamari. We also choose both salads - traditional Greek horiatiki and halloumi salad. We like it all very much - we would only improve on the calamari, which seems to have been fried a little too long and lost its pleasant softness and tenderness. The grilled halloumi and bujurdi come out great! The melted cheese bujurdi disappears quickly, and we wiped the leftovers with pieces of pita! Yummy!

We also tasted dakos - "croutons" straight from Crete. This is one of the flavors that we remember for a long time! Dakos are made on a base of cracker (paximadia) with tomatoes and feta. Recently we have even recreated them at home - HERE you can find the recipe. When we ordered them in Crete, we usually got several dakos - in Mykonos, it is one big dakos, still very tasty though!

As we take a lot of starters to share with the four of us, we try fewer of the main courses - still choosing dishes that can be eaten together.  Soutzoukakia pikantika - lamb and beef cutlets with fries, pita and bell pepper dip, are fabulous. Flavorful, tender, and the fries actually taste just like they do in Greece.... even though they're only fries ? During the next visit, Łukasz adds gyros and souvlaki to the order. These alsomove you to Greece!

Mykonos is the perfect place to have dinner with friends. With lots of great food and wine. It is already wonderfully lively in the evenings!  Nay - on Fridays and Saturdays they are open until 3 am, so I guess they have a plan for Greek parties too!

But it's also nice to go here at lunchtime and that's what I tested, this time with a friend - there are a lot of lunch items on their menu and the garden nicely separates you from the street. We will surely often come back to Mykonos. We have already arranged a meeting with our friends when we return to Warsaw... this time for a family dinner!

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