Pumpkin Fever

Warsaw Breweries invite you to Pumpkin Fever!

From October 29 to November 7, Pumpkin Fever is taking place in Warsaw Breweries! On this occasion, selected restaurants and cafes have prepared special dishes, desserts and drinks with pumpkin in the lead role. Would you like a pumpkin risotto with Coppa di Parma or a burger with pumpkin chutney? You don't have to travel far out of town to enjoy the fall! Below we suggest which places are worth visiting to taste the gifts of autumn!

Deseo Patisserie & Chocolaterie

At the very entrance to the Brewery, at Deseo, mysterious and thematic petit gateau-style desserts await us - Halloween and Bloody Nika. It will be dark, bloody and, above all, delicious! In the confectionery, you can also drink pumpkin spice latte and taste chocolate skulls in three sizes. There have never been such sweets here!

Browar Warszawski 

The current menu includes a warming pumpkin cream with fried shrimps and pumpkin paste. It looks delicious, who of you will be tempted by autumn flavors at the Brewery?

dobro & dobro cafe

There is no autumn without a pumpkin latte. Espresso with the aftertaste of roasted pumpkin, spices and milk is perfect for the autumn season. Incredibly tasty, warming and aromatic coffee.

Pizza Lecentano 

Two unique propositions await guests. Tortelli di Zucca - pumpkin tortelli in a creamy pecorino sauce with tomato confit and sage, and Risotto Alla Zucca - with pumpkin, saffron and Coppa di Parma.

Vita Cafe

Pumpkin for dessert? Why not! Especially when it comes to Halloween donuts with pumpkin-orange filling. All baked goods here look like they are from the cover!


Gastronomja knows pumpkins like no one else! This time they will surprise you with vegan pumpkin ceviche served with avocado and vegetarian pumpkin cream with mango-vanilla popcorn!

Bakery Browary Warszawskie

What is the most important thing in this profession? Patience - in kneading, growing, blushing. Trials and tests that strive for perfection. For this occasion the Bakery prepared sourdough bread with pumpkin, which is a sin not to try! 

Olivos Cafe & Restaurant

The icing on the pumpkin cake is their original pumpkin soup and pizza with pumpkin sauce! Who doesn't like pizza? And how can it be combined with autumn delicacies, then what gourmet of these ingredients will not try it?

Food Hall Browary

In the heart of Browary, in the newly opened Food Hall Browary, unique pumpkin offers await guests. The restaurants prepared special autumn dishes especially for Pumpkin Fever.

Jasna Sprawa

Invites you for a cream of roasted pumpkin with ginger, with pumpkin seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds, served in a fresh Hokkaido pumpkin.

S’poke & śledzie

They have prepared a Halloween bowl especially for you - Hokkaido pumpkin in miso and honey, roasted peanuts, avocado, marinated shitake, Japanese potato salad, edamame, pickled cucumber with young ginger.

Octo pasta pizza 

They serve pastas, but not just any pastas. As befits the Halloween season, the pastas are ... black! Black pasta with roasted Hokkaido pumpkin, speck, shallots, cream, wine, gorgonzola and amaretti cookies or Black pasta with roasted pumpkin, shallots, shrimps with amaretto, cream and almond.

Seafood Bar

Here we will try Kerala Curry with prawns, butternut squash, plum chutney and Japanese rice.

a’Panu occo ?!

Here you will get a sandwich with beetroot kimchi with plum, breaded pumpkin marinated in soy sauce, with ginger and chive mayonnaise with chorizo.

Boston Burger

When it comes to burgers, the pumpkin chutney burger takes over. You must try it!

Warsaw Breweries invites you to Pumpkin Fever on October 29 - November 7, which perfectly matches the Halloween weekend! Everyone will find something for themselves, both in terms of the menu and attractions that await in every restaurant. FOOD HALLoween, THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT at Baila Show & Dining, Balkan DJ and limited cocktails at Munja Browary Warszawskie - these are just some of the offers to spend a unique weekend at Browary Warszawskie!