The trendiest sushi in Warsaw

They just opened and they are already the most fashionable in the capital. But that's the way it is - cool places attract cool people. Japonki, a place serving sushi has taken over Instagram.

It has happened! Japonki Warsaw Breweries is currently the trendiest sushi in the capital! No wonder, the square rolls that have taken over Instagram are really impressive and evoke a lot of emotions. This symmetry is not accidental - Dawid Uszyński and Linh Nguyen made sure that the sushi arrives in the best possible form, hence the idea of a perfect fit of the pieces. It works well both in practical and aesthetic terms. Thanks to its perfect form and excellent taste, Japonki is currently one of the most frequently ordered sushi in the capital. Don't you believe it? Check what people in the city say about them:

"This is definitely one of the best sushi we have eaten. You can feel they focus on the quality of ingredients like the delicious, very fresh bluefin tuna or the crunchy, flavorful vegetables in the vegetarian set. Although we've never been to Japan, this is how we imagine well-cooked and seasoned sushi rice. It's just a shame that there's no tasting set, as we had a great desire to try as much as possible. There is nothing left but to order again."
Lec_cos_zjesc - grab a bite to eat

"Their efforts were appreciated by the people of Warsaw. There was so much interest over several weekends that they sold out their entire inventory. Photos of the sets took over Instagram."

Vogue Poland

"Although this is a new place - the art of preparing sushi is mastered at the highest level, you can feel the passion and experience as well as total attention to quality and details. And those little BIG things that make a difference: the rice is not too sweet, the sushi arrives in a neat cardboard box, wrapped in a piece of parchment paper so it doesn't dry out, the rolls are square so they don't move loosely in the box. Someone has really thought this through."

"You will immediately recognize sushi from Japonki in the photos because it is distinguished both by its characteristic packaging against the background of other Warsaw sushi bars and by its distinctive style. Japonki packs its sushi in cardboard boxes and the sushi is wrapped in paper. It looks really cool and it's perfect for a takeaway - you get a ready-made box with sushi, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi and chopsticks. Applaud the simplicity and the idea!"
Tasteaway Blog

"How it tastes? It’s great! If we were giving out ratings, it would probably be 10 or even 11 out of 10 on the scale. Wonderfully tasting fish, excellent rice, polished to the limit condiments in the form of sauce based on soy sauce (not kikkoman poured into a container), or ponzu jelly. Our jaws dropped and we ate the sushi with pleasure."
Kulinarnie niepoważni - Culinarily frivolous

This time the rumours turned out to be true - the sushi from Japonka delights the plates unbeatably. Linh Nguyen and Dawid Uszynski are behind the success of this place. After years of working with French and Nordic cuisine, he perfected the art of Japanese cuisine at the prestigious Yashin in London to become the chef at Mayha restaurant in Lebanon. She popularized Asian cuisine in Warsaw, working on the opening of To Pho, Koreanka and Vietnamka. Together they have created uncompromising sushi refined in every detail. This is just the beginning of their joint adventure with Japanese cuisine and they have already done something impossible - they created sushi of the highest quality and revolutionized the Warsaw culinary scene!

If you're looking for a big logo sign of "Japonki", you'll be disappointed. The whole chaos and the command center of the best sushi masters in the city is located in the Asian delicacies store, Azjatka.

See you at 61 Krochmalna Street!

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