Your beard says all about you

Well styled beard has been every man's sign for years. Therefore, if you dream of having the best beard among your friends, you should visit Hamski Barber! Don't let the name fool you! Come, put yourself in his hands and check.

A barber shop can be defined as a male spa. This is where all the gents' beauty whims will be heard. Who said that only ladies should take care of their biological regeneration on a regular basis? This is the place where men can get a haircut and shave, but also take care of themselves in a broader sense. The barber's chairs have retractable headrests and recline, so styling your beard is always completely comfortable. Another advantage of visiting Hamski Barber is the relaxing spirit and atmospheric interior. Anything more do you need after a hard day at work or at home? Of course, apart from the relaxing atmosphere you also get a professional haircut. As a beard can say a lot about a man, it needs to be refined in detail. If classic is not for you, the professionals will listen to your expectations and make you happy!

And once you put your head or beard in their hands, you can take advantage of other features of the representatives of the barber craft at Hamski's. We're talking about conversation as befits a real buddy. However, if you prefer to calm down and just relax you can also do it that way.

There is no way you will leave this place empty-handed. Hamski Barber always has good deals on products for washing, grooming and styling hair - both head and beard - for its customers. Additionally, the team will be happy to tell you how to properly care for your beard daily and teach you how to groom it so that it looks as just after visiting Hamski Barber every day.

They say Barber can sometimes do more than many a preacher - come, sit, talk.

Krochmalna 61, every gentleman is welcome at this address!