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Pizza Lecentano

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When we write it like this: "this person is in charge of a lot of restaurants and is characterized by a fine head of hair" you will probably think of a name of a certain restaurant revolutionary, who sometimes smashes plates and is not as cool as a cucumber on camera. Meanwhile, the person who revolutionizes gastronomy and much better fits our description from the quotation marks in the first sentence is... Mark Zarkhin. "Who?" - you may be rubbing your eyes in amazement right now. Well, that's him.

Mark Zarkhin is a guy with a thick head of hair sprinkled with elegant gray, who is responsible for over 220 incredibly popular hpt spots almost all over the eastern part of our continent (and neighboring Asia). And watch out now - his empire includes over a hundred pizzerias loved by tens of millions of residents of Ukraine, Russia and other former republics of the (thankfully) defunct USSR.

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Troszkę nam wstyd, że tę innowację w Warszawie zawdzięczamy Krakusom, no ale... efekt jest boski. Bo oto GOOD LOOD nie leci w kulki mówiąc, że dziś są np. „malinowe”, a na miejscu śladu po nich brak. W aplikacji, o której wspominaliśmy, zawsze widzisz, ile którego smaku zostało z dokładnością co do gałki. Ciekawe czy kiedyś wprowadzą funkcję „rezerwacji ulubionego smaku”? Przy ich kreatywności wcale by to nas nie zdziwiło.

2 Haberbusch & Schiele Street

Monday - Friday 12.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am - 10.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am - 10.00 pm

tel: +48 797 737 633

And in over a hundred pizzerias across the eastern borders of Poland, over 100 different variants of classic Italian pizza are served. Does this mean that another outlet of some chain is opening with us? Not. This is where we go our own way. Pizza Lecentano in Browary Warszawskie is the first place in the world with this name and with such an approach to gastronomy. Mark is a bit like this mythical Midas - whatever he touches turns into gold. So there is no concern about whether the new concept will capture the palates of its visitors.

The philosophy that is proclaimed by the kitchen and room staff at Pizza Lecentano boils down to the following motto: "You can turn every day into a small celebration and celebrate it together with your friends." 

And this motto, in a way, comes from Italian streets, squares and squares - that's how you live there.

Pizza Lecentano is a bit of an Italian street, only enriched with a traditional pizza oven and everything necessary for the production of handmade pasta. It is a friendly, joyful and cozy place, full of colors and creative ideas. All this to make the time you spend here unique, successful and in line with the philosophy of "everyday happiness".

By the way, the pizza itself is more than just a dish. This is the happiness that you can share with your loved ones. For Italians, this globally famous cake with additives is also an indispensable observer of first dates, birthday parties, the beginning and end of the school year, every - even the smallest - success and virtually every important moment. There is reason to celebrate - there must be pizza!

And it is the pizza flying to the ceiling, when shaped by pizzermans, that plays the main role here, and the whole department is completed by the section with Italian pastes. Of course, both pizza and pasta are made here on the basis of flour specially imported from Italy. The wines selected for these dishes (and desserts) also come from sunny Italy. There will also be original cocktails.

Everything served in a light and accessible way with a pinch of Italian flavor and nonchalance. The whole family will have a great time here - because children have an interactive playroom at their disposal.

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