Port Royal

Sea wave in Breweries

Maybe one day you will be able to get to the seaside from Warsaw in less than an hour. But today from any part of Warsaw in less than an hour you can get to the ocean of sea (and inland) culinary treasures, which undoubtedly is Port Royal at the Warsaw Breweries.

Restaurants which specialize in a particular regional cuisine or a narrow segment of dishes are the "clue" of the conceptual gastronomic logic of the Warsaw Breweries. All the more reason to be proud that this considerable group of restaurants has been joined by Port Royal - a place skilled in both the fresh and saltwater cuisine. It is hard to say whether the kitchen crew sings shanties while cooking here, but it has to be admitted that turning sea and river gifts into culinary delights with flying (or singing) colors.

Port Royal strengthens the Warsaw scene of "delicacies from fishing boats" with excellent fish tartars, moules in various versions and strictly speaking fishes. There is also the classic fish&chips and in contrast to it you can find here their grilled lobster or crawfish tail. The menu also includes other exquisite products of the underwater mother nature - oysters, crawfish, grilled Argentinean shrimps, razor clams and vongoles. The local moules in three versions - including a combination of mussels knotted with gorgonzola and roasted nuts - also will be hot stuff.

A great choice for those undecided on "what to go for" would be the seafood mix, where a lobster and octopus arrive at your table accompanied by delicious scallops, vongoli, razor clams, moules, squids and crawfish. But if you're averse to seafood... go for the whole roasted fish served here. The menu includes all the time turbot, and the second fish can be either from fresh or salty waters, depending on the seasonal availability of the species. Fans of grilled fish, on the other hand, are advised to eat gilt-head bream. For more Mediterranean cuisine, try risotto or Italian pasta with seafood. There are also many unusual specialties - from the mysterious sea bass, through red shrimp tartare, bao with shrimps or... Burgundy snails.

Tip for wine and oysters lovers:

What on the plate will complement what is in the glass - wines from around the world, including champagnes brilliantly matched to several types of oysters available.

59 Krochmalna street 


Sun - Tue
9.00am - 10.00pm
Wed - Thu
9.00am - 11.00pm
Fri - Sat
9.00am - 12.00am

+48 792 020 707
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Port Royal, in its previous forms, has already made a name for itself for the careful selection of the highest quality ingredients and they intend to follow this tradition here unconditionally. What this means in practice, you can check on the spot, in the Warsaw Breweries, 7 days a week. And since fish and seafood are the basis of the healthiest diet in the world, there is nothing to wait for.

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