Baila Means Dance!

You probably know movies where all of a sudden kids end up in a magical, mysterious garden by accident, or those in which characters suddenly enter a private party in a club for insiders.... Such places have one thing in common: "the less you know about them, the more fun you have". And this is exactly the nature of BAILA in the Warsaw Breweries, in the rapidly growing Wola district.

"Show & Dinning" - such a note comes with the logo of BAILA. That suggests that it will not be a typical restaurant concept. The owners have asked us to keep information to a minimum, but even the name of this place reveals a certain secret - the word "baila" means "dance". And we may add that although the word has Spanish roots, in this case it would be good to pronounce it with a South American accent, because this is exactly what food, music and atmosphere can be found here. Hot, a little Latino, and a little.... easy. Or else we will say too much.

Let's stay with "show & dinning" for now. And we all know. Where there's a show, there's a stage ( also with live performances), and where's dinning, there's cooking, with oysters and the best quality beef, salsas and guacamole. BAILA aspires to combine both better than anyone ever before.

Speaking of atmosphere, the interior design will have quite an impact on the (South American) climate. Hot, colourful, eye-pleasing, full of colors and shades of light.

"Baila!" is really a cry of delight, a call to action, an invitation to live life to the fullest. And these are the aspirations of this place. Encourage to live, break out of the daily routine, provoke to broaden the palette of experiences and sensations.

So it will be the perfect place for hedonists, carousers and bon vivants. "Enjoy the moment" is its motto, and BAILA's ambition is to turn this motto into action. And since there will be here a coctail bar as fresh and hot as the climate in South America, it must be all rather successful. Anyway, it's best to check it out by yourself, keeping in mind a simple rule that "the less you know about this place, the...".

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