ELLE MAN in conversation with brewers


Beer is no secret to them.

Dawid Bąk and Piotr Pszczółkowski, brewers at the Warsaw Brewery, are true experts when it comes to their profession. During an interview with the ELLE MAN magazine they reveal how the best brewery in the capital city is being created.

Beer lovers have waited a long time for a new opening on the map of the Breweries, but as one says "the longer you wait, the better the taste will be". Thus, since quite a short time ago, since the beginning of September, you can finally taste beer brewed here on site. Despite its short history, the Warsaw Brewery is very popular and this is certainly due to the fact that beer is brewed with passion here. As many as 18 kinds of excellent craft beer can be tasted here. The ELLE MAN magazine decided to talk to local brewers and this is how the interview was prepared, which you can read fully here.

And below you can find a short interview with the guys. 

Dawid Bąk and Piotr Pszczółkowski, when asked what their everyday work as brewers looks like, answer:

"Many people think that drinking or tasting ready-made beer is a dream job. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind ready-made beer, there are logistics, a lot of manual work and often stress. Working as a brewer is not only about tasting and having fun. Our duties include brewing, checking beer during its fermentation, checking parameters, sensory evaluation. It may seem like a nice and easy job, but in reality it is hard and dangerous (hot beer wort, steam under pressure, concentrated substances). It is a job that sometimes requires a lot of sacrifice. Sometimes we work till late in the evening and sometimes even on weekends. Our product is a "living organism" and some stages we can not just stop, turn off all the equipment, turn off the lights and say to ourselves... Okay, I don't want to, I need to go home, I'll come tomorrow (because tomorrow may be too late). Our work is mainly passion for what we create, it is our commitment and drive for perfection. It is our motivation when we hear from our guests, from our friends.... This is tasty, keep up the good work.”

How is beer made at the Warsaw Brewery?

"Beer at the Warsaw Brewery is made first and foremost with passion. We use only natural and high quality ingredients. We do not pasteurize or filter our beer, thanks to which we retain its unique taste and aroma. All this distinguishes our product. What awaits for the guests of the newly opened Warsaw Brewery? The guests of the newly opened Warsaw Brewery can expect, first of all, an incredible atmosphere, which goes hand in hand with the excellent beer and food. There are 18 types of beer so that everyone can find something that suits their taste."

How can you become a brewer?

"It's often a twist of fate. I know many great brewers who did not graduate from food technology, biotechnology or related fields but tried their hand at this profession, simply speaking due to a lack of resources. Of course, some knowledge and basics come in handy at the beginning of this journey, but in fact you gain all your experience in your brewery by learning from your older colleagues and from your mistakes. Today it is much easier to start with some knowledge. There is a magazine "Piwowar" devoted to beer brewing, internet forums, the Krakow School of Brewing of the University of Agriculture in Krakow and many valuable articles such as the beer compendium written by such experts as Paweł Leszczyński - a brewer and organizer of the Warsaw Beer Festival".