Greek vacations

Do you know the soundtrack from the movie "Zorba the Greek"? Play it in your mind now, spread your arms wide and dance. This will, more or less, make you feel like at MYKONOS in Warsaw Breweries.

Zorba's life philosophy could be presented with the statement: "Enjoy the moment because life is too short not to love it". And if this "sentence" was a "dish," it would be the dish of Greek cuisine, considered the healthiest cuisine in the world.

The name Zorba is mentioned here, but in fact, the hero of this story is Theodoros Vogdanos. And his name has been well known for years to the lovers of Greek cuisine in Warsaw and... Polish customs officers. Vogdanos imports key ingredients of his dishes directly from Greece - olive oil, lamb, feta, manouri and graviera cheeses, essentials in Greek cuisine as well as original Greek herbs, olives and pickles. MYKONOS is the another-next Paros, El Greco and Kavos, restaurant of this ambassador of Greek cuisine in Warsaw.

The menu offers classic Greek mezze (appetizers) such as tzatziki, zucchini chips, baked feta and dolmadakia. Taste also moussaka, kleftiko (lamb stewed in red wine), souvlaki, spicy minced meatballs, grilled octopus, grilled dorado or Greek shrimp. You will also be impressed by the local collection of wines. And where wine and a Greek are, there dancing and singing. And fest loves space. And that's why MYKONOS is an enormous place with a big outdoor terrace. Yes, happiness needs space. Here you can find both.