Indian with 5 Peppers

Now we feel a bit as if someone told us to explain to Varsovians what the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is. Because more or less the same as the Palace of Culture and Science, they know the Bombaj Masala chain. But if we tried to describe the new concept in our global gastronomic melting pot with one sentence, it would sound like this. BOMBAJ MASALA in Warsaw Breweries is a palace of Indian flavors.

However - as the owners emphasize - it is the newest BOMBAJ MASALA in Warsaw Breweries that will be a truly unique place.

The fact that the chef here will be an Indian from his great-grandfather is obvious. The fact that the menu will include everything that makes Warsaw residents open to the exotic drool is also certain. But ... a big novelty, which you can sharpen your senses on now, will be introduced to the menu for the first time ... street food dishes straight from the streets of the bustling and crowded Mumbai. "Indian burgers straight from irani cafe" - does it sound familiar to you? Not? Do not say anything, and just drop by BOMBAJ MASALA in Warsaw Breweries.

The mood will also be unique (because there is no other such multicultural and gastronomic place in Warsaw) and the decor designed by the A8 Architectural office. But we must not reveal too many details here. You just have to see it for yourself.

Anyway, where does this Bombay and this Masala in the name come from? Bombay (also called Mumbai) is the place of origin of Kedara, and masala ... And "masala" is not a sauce at all, as many Poles think. Well, in India, every self-respecting hostess and every chef who cares about his reputation prepares (or rather develops and improves for years) his unique blend of spices for specific dishes. And this combination of secret ingredients is the mythical "masala". What does the one created by the head of the Indian temple of flavors at Warsaw Breweries taste like? There is only one way to find out.