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Warsaw Breweries is getting more and more popular. At the end of September, new locations will appear on the map, which will surely steal your hearts and suit your culinary tastes. And today, walking around the woonerf of Haberbusch and Schiele, you can see another place from the sister trio - the youngest sister of "Azjatki" and "Japonek" - "Japonkę".

The refined taste and, above all, the high quality of the ingredients are the basis for the creators of this unique place. Linh Nguyen and Dawid Uszyński, because we are talking about them, are a duo that creates a gastronomic family;) Linh is a restaurateur known for, among others, successful restaurants in the capital, such as a Wietnamka or Koreanka. Dawid is the Chef Japonek - a sushi bar with take-away orders only. Now, in the vicinity of the already cult Japonek, their younger sister - a Japonka, who will receive her guests on the spot, has moved.

How did it start?

In fact, "Japonka" was originally supposed to be ... "Koreanką" - jokes Dawid Uszyński, who gained his professional experience, among others in London, at Yashin Ocean House and the Mayha restaurant in Beirut.

After returning to Poland, he joined Linh, helping her in her subsequent projects. One of them was the idea of a restaurant with Korean cuisine, but as Dawid admits - "... until today I do not feel as confident in it as I would like to, if only because I have not yet managed to visit Korea".

Work on the new concept coincided with the lockdown and restrictions in the restaurant's operation. In order not to spend this time idly, and at the same time to repair the company's budget in any way, a decision was made to open a take-away restaurant with a kitchen in which Dawid is a real expert and for which his heart beats the most, i.e. with Japanese cuisine. - I fell in love with Japanese cuisine because of my masters: Yasuhiro Mineno and Shinya Ikeda. I saw a man with a knife in front of me - like a knight with a sword from some Japanese legend, exuding artistry, knowledge, skills, but also the will to constantly improve them. And I wanted to be like him. I do what he - he admits.

From Chef Yashin, he learned the basics of Japanese cuisine, its techniques and the main pillars of its philosophy, as well as the importance of a knife, and that the ultimate goal is to balance flavors and textures. - There are no recipes or strict recipes in Japanese cuisine. Everything is fluid and you need to be flexible. For example sushi - it might seem that there is nothing easier. But if you give five people the same fish, same rice and wasabi and ask them to make nigiri, each will taste very different. And maybe only one of them will prepare them in such a way that all the ingredients will be in perfect balance - she says. It was the pursuit of perfection and balance that delighted him the most in Japanese cuisine. - I found myself in it .. I was able to grind the knife four hours a day, every day, so that I could use it to cut the perfect flakes of fish without using force.

We focused on sushi, but in the premium version, made of the best fish obtained in the best and least environmentally harmful way. That is why, for example, we are more willing to use fish from sustainable farms rather than those caught from the wild, explains Dawid.

What is the Japonka?

As the creators emphasize, it is a cool casual restaurant, where everyone will feel good, regardless of whether they come alone or in a group of friends, how they are dressed, whether it is to be a daily dinner or a celebration of a special celebration. - flows from the speakers loud music, bar outshout the kitchen, we want to work the best, but also have fun with this job, even during the most busy service - and we want to grant this joy to our customers - selects Uszyński.

The permanent card includes, among others tuna carpaccio with sansho pepper, tofu "hummus", tempura, but also of course nigiri. Uszyński also announces that in the future, the Japonka will organize special omakase dinners, during which you will be able to try dishes based on ultra-seasonal ingredients not available in the regular menu.

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