Kumpel’s got ambitious plans

Craft & Beer Kumpel Atelier

Mark Zarkhin is the head of the Kumpel Group. He has been successfully operating in Ukraine for many years. He has created many amazing and crowd-pleasing restaurants there. The Kumpel Group's portfolio includes original concepts serving traditional Galician cuisine and delicious beer, including Bachevsky, Glody Mykola and Kumpel. The chain of 154 restaurants is successfully and dynamically developing beyond the eastern border. In 2008 in Lviv he opened the first restaurant and the brewery. More than 420 000 liters of beer are annually brewed in the Kumpel Brewery. Gourmets of this drink can choose from 10 kinds of beer.

After Baczewski's restaurant, the Kumpel Group is not resting on its laurels. Craft & Beer Kumpel Atelier will soon be another vibrant, innovative and full of good taste place on the culinary map of Warsaw.

"From the beginning of the discussions, we realized that Warsaw Breweries is a very important place for Warsaw. Historically, one of the best breweries in Poland and Europe was located here. Before the war, 10% of Polish beer production was brewed here, including the excellent 'Eksport' or the great 'Porter'. We will discover these varieties anew, but with respect for history and traditional recipes. We will do our best to ensure that the quality of beer from Kumpel Atelier does not differ from the quality of beers brewed in Warsaw Breweries in the past. Warsaw is a dynamic city and this place will be its new center. I am convinced that it will attract active residents, expats and tourists and all these people will make it a 'great anthill', interesting, fun and fascinating" 

Mark Zarkhin, head of the Kumpel Group, says.

The Kumpel Atelier restaurant and brewery will occupy a part of the historic, 170-year-old cellars of the former Haberbusch and Schiele brewery. It will be located on an impressive area of nearly 1200 sqm, and the restaurant itself will occupy nearly 500 sqm. Additionally, guests will have a beautiful mezzanine of 660 sqm at their disposal.

The restaurateur intends to create a place that will be in line with the vision of the part of the city under construction in the quarter of Grzybowska, Krochmalna, Wronia and Chłodna Streets. The place visited by energetic people, as well as tourists of Warsaw. Surely, everyone will feel special here, because while preserving its historical spirit, the restaurant will be distinguished by its modern design.

Kumpel Atelier restaurant is expected to welcome its first gourmets in May.

Photos: press materials of Kumpel Group, photographer Piotr Kaczor - Fotografia / @kaczy__

Text and title photo: HorecaTrends