People of Warsaw Breweries: Peko Djurović

Even though we are still in the early days and Warsaw Breweries will not be fully opened until the summer of 2021, you have already noticed, walking along the Haberbusch and Schiele woonerf, that we want to introduce you, as much as possible, to the people who are behind the exceptional restaurants, stores and services that make this quarter of the city unique.

And this is the idea behind the series of interviews with the owners of the unique fabric of Warsaw Breweries

The first one to fill in the "Brewery Questionnaire" was Peko Djurović, the founder of the Munja restaurant. You can read below about how Nikšić, who comes from a Montenegrin town (with approximately 1/3 of the population of Warsaw's Wola district), finds himself in the capital of Poland and what he values most in Warsaw Breweries.

How did it start?

Accidentally. When I moved to Poland, I met my wife, fell in love with her and we got married. Her family ran a hotel in Sopot, where I started working as a waiter and bartender. The company grew and we started to open new locations in the Tri-City. I held higher and higher positions. This is how my adventure with the hotel industry and gastronomy began. Some time later, my family and I came up with the idea of creating a restaurant in Warsaw, where everyone would feel like in our Montenegrin home. This is how Munja was created.

What would you be doing in your life if it wasn't for Munja?

It has always been my dream to run a hotel. It seems that a restaurant and a hotel are almost the same ... but for me it is not like that :) Now I am really happy that I finally chose this path - I know that we have given the atmosphere of our homeland as honestly as we can, we have created a unique place to which people love to come. We moved a piece of our land to Poland… and that’s what makes me happy :)

Warsaw since birth or since ...?

I’ve been living in Warsaw for 6 years, in Poland for 32 years, and I was born in Montenegro in the city of Niksič.

Favorite places in the capital are ...?

Munja at Grzybowska 43 Street of course, and now also Munja in Browary Warszawskie.

How did it happen that you are in Browary Warszawskie?

We decided to open the second restaurant in Browary Warszawskie for several reasons. First of all, we liked the concept of a "city within a city". An additional advantage for us was the location - Wola is a great, dynamically developing district, and in addition, Browary Warszawskie are located very close to our first restaurant.

What do you like about this place?

The fact is that you can do pretty much anything here. Eat breakfast, drink coffee, go to the hairdresser, shop, have a drink, even live. I like the fact that when I cross the Browary’s threshold, I forget a bit that I am in the noisy Warsaw, right next to a busy street. It is intimate, but also energetic, original and interesting.

Why do you think Warsaw needed a place like Browary Warszawskie?

... so that you can take a break from the city, taste a lot in one place, go on a "vacation" without leaving Warsaw.

And where do you like to go, which other place in Browary Warszawskie do you like to visit when you come out "from your place"?

On the -1.5 floor, where we are opening our next place - now different from Munja :) Besides that, practically everywhere - the entire Browary Warszawskie is a very pleasant place for me.

How would you invite potential guests / customers?

Warmly! Because the fire in Munja is burning stronger than in any other place in Warsaw :) It's worth visiting our restaurant, because we specialize in a unique type of cuisine - specifically: Adriatic cuisine, which is a combination of Balkan fire and Mediterranean lightness. We prepare the dishes on a charcoal-fired grill, which gives them such an authentic taste. Here we serve Adriatic in its purest, honest form. Even the music coming from our speakers is Montenegrin. We welcome everyone to Munja as warmly as we can. I myself almost always am in one of the restaurants and I like to talk to all of our guests. Munja is such a place where you come because you just feel good and at ease, and you always leave here happy and full.

What "Warsaw" is for you?

A large city with great potential with a huge number of people who like to eat well, drink delicious wine and feast.

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