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As you stroll along the Haberbusch and Schiele woonerf, you can see that we are growing more and more every week. There are new places, new people, but we absolutely do not forget about those who have been with us from the beginning. We want to present their backgrounds as widely as possible - the people who are behind the exceptional restaurants, stores and service outlets that create the uniqueness of this place.

We're back to the series of interviews with the owners of an unique place at the Warsaw Breweries.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Sebastian Kobielski and Jarosław Juźwin - the owners of Juźwin&Kobielski. Below, you can read about how their professional adventure started, what made them come to the Warsaw Breweries and where they spend their time after work.

How did it all start?

At the very beginning we'd like to clarify that we're not a couple :) - because many years before and after we opened our salon we still come across this statement.

Back to your question - we both knew during our artistic studies that we live in very dynamic times when betting on only one horse especially in the creative industry is risky. We chose a discipline that naturally combines what we are passionate about - a form, a shape, a color, dynamics, a creation. And that is how we started our education the international hairdressing academy, where even during our studies we knew that it was a good choice and it was a consequence of our previous actions. Especially because we love people - and each of them is a new - extraordinary chapter.

What would you do in life, if there was no Juźwin&Kobielski??

Sebastian: Directing. Unfortunately, a day has only 24 hours, and if I get involved in a project, I lose myself completely. My previous career path was strictly connected with events, fashion and show business. Here everyting can becombined, unfortunately the only limitation is time - but I keep working on it.

Jarosław: I would still carry out my plan related to television and the world of fashion and designing clothes. I even have my own fashion brand and many shows. Now I am more focused on my business and my salon, but in the future when I have some free time I will come back to my fashion plan.

Warsaw since you were born, or since...

Jarosław: I come from Głogówek, it's Opole Silesia. I came to Warsaw when I finished my freshman year of architecture and decided that it was not my career path.  I moved here to start studying at an international makeup school.

Sebastian: I was born in Tarnów (Lesser Poland) in a very open, hospitable and dynamic home. I grew up among Cracow's bohemia where I used to sneak out every high school weekend, many years later my family found out about it :) Since I was a kid I've danced in various formations and groups, so I've always known that what I want to do is closely related to the capital city - it's where all the TV stations, publishing houses, production houses are located and it's where most of the productions are made.

Favorite spots in the capital are... ? ?

Sebastian: I consider Warsaw to be a huge playground - I am a freak of all novelties - in art, architecture, gastronomy, clubbing. It's a city that is still unfinished and full of abstract contrasts, but I have great respect for its past, tradition, and dialect, which is fortunately still cultivated in some districts. It is difficult for me to point out specific places.

Jarosław: Now such a place is our salon and the Warsaw Breweries. I know it is a workplace but I can totally relax, rest, do some creative work and if necessary I plunge myself in my work.

How did it happen that you are in the Warsaw Breweries?

Looking for a perfect place, we participated in various tenders. But we felt "it" while riding our scooters around the Warsaw's Wola district. We realized that something big happens there. And the Warsaw Breweries were being built, which were supposed to change the image of this part of the district. It turned out that there are great neighbors, everything is green, spectacular and pleasant. We felt the idea of this concept - something to combine business with night life and day life. There are fantastic places, restaurants, cafes, squares. It's a place where everyone can find themselves. We wanted to be in a place where we would not be embarrassed, where everyone would feel good and where we would also like to spend our private time.

What do you like about this place?

Jarosław: I like the atmosphere of this place, its past and the fact that the "spirit" of the old brewery is preserved. It is a monument and it is beautiful together with the new, adjusted infrastructure.

Sebastian: Openness! In terms of business, it is well managed and has a vision that it consistently executes. Also, the neighbors - as one of the "first open places" we have been happily observing what the companions have been doing for months, until finally we have an unusual urban puzzle that has a lot to offer both day and night.

Why do you think Warsaw needed such a place as the Warsaw Breweries?

Considering the incomprehensible obsession of building more and more skyscrapers, the Breweries preserve the harmony between the fact that you can enjoy the sun among the greenery and at the same time take advantage of the best experts in their domains, both in terms of services and restaurants. This mosaic of experiences and joys of senses in a well-designed form and accompanying events stands up for itself.

And where do you like to drop in at the Warsaw Breweries, once you are "not at your place"?

Jarosław: the Malthouse Market - a square with a fountain and a central garden is for sure a place where I feel great.

Sebastian: Democratically I do visit every single place - from breakfasts, through lunches, business coffees or even finally dinners :)

How would you invite potential guests/clients to visit you?

Our door at 61 Krochmalna Street is wide open. We created this place to share our passion through a craft, a vision, creativity and relaxation ... it is well known that passion gives professionalism, professionalism gives quality, and quality and time, especially in these crazy times, is something everyone should afford.

Is "Warsaw” a place for you ?

In Warsaw we finished our education, took our first steps in "serious" careers, we have our own zip codes, we express ourselves professionally and privately. It is a very important part of our life, but not the last stop on our journey.

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