People of Warsaw Breweries

They advise, cook, compose menus, import best quality delicacies, make spectacular metamorphoses - such are the heroes of Warsaw Breweries. That's why they deserved their place in a gallery, which was created on a "pipeline".

Photographs by Marcin Boruń captured chefs, stylists, managers, hosts, pastry chefs, and baristas co-creating concepts that have settled in this new quarter in Warsaw's Wola district.  Linh Nguyen, Sebastian Kobielski, Dariusz Grabon, Peko Djurović... these are only some of the characters you can meet while visiting Warsaw Breweries for coffee, lunch or an evening out with friends. Their smiles greet guests walking along Haberbusch and Schiele Street.

The walk of fame in the Haberbusch and Schiele woonerf

An exhibition begins at the Brewery Gate, where the first woonerf in the capital city begins! A frame became an installation, or so called "pipeline", which leads guests of Warsaw Breweries from the Brewery Gate Square all the way to the Malthouse Market. The famous "pipeline", is a corten utility-art installation, which surrounds the Market Square and the Haberbusch and Schiele's woonerf, and with its character refers to pipelines transporting raw material on factory grounds.

These are just some sample photos of our heroes. Visit the woonerf in Warsaw Breweries, look at the photos and learn about their stories.

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