Bombaj Masala

Indianness with five peppers

Now we feel as if someone asked us to explain to residents of Warsaw what the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is all about. Because they know more or less the same thing about the Palace of Culture and Science as they do about Bombay Masala. But if we try to describe a new concept in our global culinary melting pot in one sentence, it would sound like this. BOMBAJ MASALA in the Warsaw Breweries is a palace of Indian flavors.

And this is what happened. A long, long time ago... in 2009 they opened their first restaurant right under the nose of the Embassy of India in Mokotów. Who? Who exactly? Karolina and Kedar - a Polish-Indian couple who made a vow long, long ago to each other and to Warsaw that they would open us up to a feast of extraordinary flavors of Indian dishes.

That first place no longer exists, and today embassies of the Indian cuisine marked with a logo of Bombaj Masala can be found in several locations in the capital city. However, as the owners emphasize, the newest BOMBAJ MASALA in the Warsaw Breweries will be a thoroughly unique place.
It's obvious that an Indian from father to son will be a chef here. It is also certain that the menu will include everything that Warsaw residents who are open to exotic delights will want to taste. But... a considerable novelty, planned to be added to the menu for the first time, for which you can whet your appetite, will be...

... street food dishes straight from the streets of bustling and crowded Bombay. "Indian burgers straight from the irani cafe" - does this mean something to you? No? Then don't say anything, just come to BOMBAJ MASALA in the Warsaw Breweries.

A tip for those who don't necessarily go for mango lassi


BOMBAJ MASALA will also serve an impressive selection of authentic Indian cocktails at the Warsaw Breweries. There will also be non-alcoholic options, which will allow for a toast between generations and guest attitudes toward percentages.



61 Krochmalna Street 

The atmosphere will also be exceptional (there is simply no other such multicultural eating place in Warsaw) and the decor designed by A8 Architects. We are not allowed to reveal the details here. You have to check it out on your own.

By the way, why this Bombaj and this Masala in the name? Bombaj (Bombay or Mumbai in English) is the place of Kedar's origin, and masala... And "masala" is not at all some kind of sauce, as many Poles think. Well, in India, every good housewife and every chef who cares about their reputation, prepares (or rather, creates and improves over many years) their unique blend of spices for specific dishes. And this combination of secret ingredients is this mythical "masala". How does the one created by a chef of the Indian temple of aromas in the Warsaw Breweries taste? There is only one way to find out.

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