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You probably already know that you are in a unique place on the map of Warsaw.

Now you can find out who is behind it all.

Here are the people who create Warsaw Breweries. For you and with you.

Meet the creators of local restaurants, cafes and service points.


Michal Paleta

Bakery Warsaw Breweries

_Bartłomiej Rychcik & Michał Paleta_$Creators of a Polish-French bakery, which tempts passers-by from afar with the smell of freshly baked bread. Drop by to try famous croissants, cruffins, or home made sandwiches.$
Deseo chef

Deseo Patisserie & Chocolaterie

_Małgorzata Wątła, Oksana Raichakovska_$Their skillful hands create small confectionery masterpieces that are so beloved by the residents of Warsaw and its tourists alike. Treat yourself and taste the sweetest beauty in the vicinity as well as ice-creams and chocolate made by them. $
Inna & Oleg Yarovyi

dobro & dobro cafe

_Inna & Oleg Yarovyi_$Creators of a coffee paradise full of sophisticated artworks. Here, the coffee with tonic is no longer an innovation. Come to try their Cappu Orange, which deserves to have a dissertation written about it. $
Joanna Kubowicz, Yana Savkevych, Nazarii Savkevych

Vita Cafe

_Joanna Kubowicz, Yana & Nazarii Savkevych_$Before the dawn, they are already up so that you can enjoy a range of cakes, pastries, and desserts in the morning. You will find no enhancers here, but you can easily sense the heart put into every single piece. Try also pączki (Polish donuts) as well - they are different every day, fresh every day, and come with a variety of surprising flavors. $
Good Lood

Good Lood

_Kraków based ice cream manufacture_$Both milk and dairy-free, finger licking good ice cream. Try their "pink Himalayan caramel" or their dairy-free "Polish strawberry", which in our humble opinion is the sorbet world championship. Be surprised everyday with new, intriguing flavors.$

Etno Cafe

The stuff makes sure the divine infusions from Wrocław-based Etno roastery find their new home in Warsaw. Once you fall for their coffee, you might never want a different one. Don't say we didn't warn you!$


Chefowie i twócy konceptów

Food Hall Browary

_Chefs and concept owners_ $They'll take you into a world of fast, tasty, and reservation-free dining. Discover seafood pizza, grab a juicy burger, a herring roll, or a Neapolitan Panuozzo sandwich, slurp ramen and finish with a cocktail at the impressive Central Bar. $
Adrian Kolodziejczyk Marcin Kulczyk

Baila Show & Dining

_Adrian Kołodziejczyk & Marcin Kulczyk_$They caused quite a stir by creating an unprecedented dining and entertainment concept. Here, on weekend evenings, you can discover the Latin side of yourself by tasting the local cuisine and cocktails, listening to live music, and taking part in a show unlike anything the capital has ever seen before. $
Dima Novakov

Pizza Lecentano

_Dima Novakov_$He serves pizzas and handmade pastas with genuine Italian flavor and nonchalance. Celebrate every bite of these goodies - preferably with some company - in such a welcoming, joyful, and colorful place. $
Dimitriy Babak

Browar Warszawski

_Dimitriy Babak_$Dmitriy is one of the most important people at Warsaw Brewery. His menu customized to what’s in a beer mug starts with traditional pork knuckle ending on seafood. Allow yourself to be amazed by his offerings and discover what else tastes good with beer. $
Lukasz Piotrowski


_Łukasz Piotrowski_$Serves original dishes from the Adriatic, straight out of a flaming grill. Łukasz knows Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrin specialties with his heart, and he could put many Italians to shame with how he prepares pasta. Come for a true feast with no borders! $
Theodoros Vogdanos

Mykonos Greek Restaurant & Bar

_Theodoros Vogdanos_$He wants his dishes to be as authentic as possible. Theo imports the best olive oil, cheeses, herbs, spices and other ingredients – only known to native Greeks – straight from his home country. Sit down and taste the real Greek cuisine. $
Artur Sulewski Milosz Cichon

Sobremesa Tapas Bar

_Miłosz Cichoń & Artur Sulewski_$Propagators of modern Spanish cuisine in Warsaw Breweries. Apart from their rich dishes, they also serve unique 'live cooking' shows, during which the guests can try paella or super-thinly sliced ham. Come with friends, family, or for a small office party – the more, the merrier! $
Daniel Saczuk


_Daniel Saczuk_$A true haven for meat-eaters is being prepared at Gastronomja. Enjoy slow-roasted beef, pork and lamb ribs, or dip your knife into his seasoned beef steaks. $
Gerasimos Avgerinos

Olivos Cafe & Restaurant

_Spiros Kolouris & Gerasimos Avgerinos_$Spiros and Gerasimos threaten to offer up to 100 different Mediterranean dishes a year! When you add that these hosts are welcoming and like to have fun, we guarantee you’ll become a regular. $
Port Royal

Port Royal (soon)

Executive Lounge (wkrótce)

Executive Lounge (soon)

Bombaj Masala

Bombaj Masala (soon)

Grzegorz Nowakowski

NINE's Restaurant & Sports Bar

_Grzegorz Nowakowski_$He works with baked goods in the NINE's kitchen (his pretzels deserve a medal), but he also makes a masterful superfoods and crispy wings, and he even makes almond milk here. Allow yourself to be amazed and try his truly out-of-the-box cuisine. $
Dawid Uszynski


_Dawid Uszyński & his team_$They will shock you when you meet - Japanese cuisine in a surprisingly "cool casual" version. In addition to the sushi already shrouded in its local fame, be sure to try grilled robata dishes, Japanese beef, and real tempura. $


Maciej Barber

Hamski Barber

_Maciej Barber_$The one and only Hamski, who opened an unconventional Barber Shop with his wife. Come for a cut, a trim, a shave, and proprietary cosmetics. Be warned - he is quite opinionated about many things ;)$
Calypso Fitness Club

Calypso Fitness Club

_ Michał Stański _ $To have a good workout at the club, it is not enough to just have amazing equipment; you also need excellent organization, motivating trainers and a positive attitude. That is exactly what Michał take care of, so order your Calypso Fitness Club card today and start achieving your health training goals. $
Juźwin & Kobielski

Strefa Piękna by Juźwin | Kobielski

_Jarek Juźwin & Sebastian Kobielski_$Hairdressers? More like 'herdressers' (and 'his', too)! This duo of artists can suggest a spectacular metamorphosis. They offer advice on style and make-up as well. Let them change you! $
ADN Centrum Konferencyjne

ADN Centrum Konferencyjne

ADN Centrum Konferencyjne
Executive Laundry

Executive Laundry

Executive Laundry

Delicatessen & Wine Bars

Crazy Butcher

Crazy Butcher

_Filip Weka_$Co-owner of the meat delicatessen where you can go crazy with happiness. For many - the number one butcher in Warsaw. Come to buy the best steaks in town or get delighted with the quality of their lamb from own Masurian farm.$
Jean Michel Buttner

Le Paradox

_Piotr Klimczyk & Jean Michel Buttner_$„Chapeau bas!” comes to mind when you see the creators of this unique wine bar and store, with the best French wines, cheeses, cold meats and preserves. Be sure to stop by for a drink, a snack, or a take-away and enjoy the best of French delicacies. $

Piccola Italia & Mediterraneo

_Iga Loranc_$Even in Italy, it is hard to find someone as passionate as her to advise you on your choice of Mediterranean products. And there are plenty to choose from, as Piccola Italia's shelves hold over 2,500 products of the highest quality - cheeses, charcuterie, pastas, liquors, coffees and other delicacies.$
Linh Nguyen

Azjatka Browary Warszawskie

_Linh Nguyen_$The creator of a deli that is a perfect pantry for both beginners and long-time appreciators when it comes to Asian cuisine. Come here for ingredients, ready meals, fresh tofu, and pickled foods. $
Dawid Uszynski

Japonka Browary Warszawskie

_Dawid Uszyński_$He's behind the trendiest and most Instagrammable sushi in Warsaw. It's square, and prepared with true Japanese precision with highest quality produce. Eat in or take out.$