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History barrels back

It is wise to draw from history, and even better when, on the basis of a story (especially a good one), a new, equally good story is written. And this is what WARSAW BREWERY in Warsaw Breweries is, and which just has been opened on September 10th to produce their first barrels.

Let's go back to the 18th century for a moment. It was then more than 10 breweries operated at Grzybowska Street. The source of this accumulation of golden happiness at one address was...  springs of excellent water, which attracted craftsmen of brewing provenance like a magnet. The Haberbusch and Schiele brewery (or rather the Haberbusch, Schiele and Klawy brewery) may not have been the first one to appear, but it lasted between Grzybowska and Krochmalna Streets for the longest time and achieved the greatest success - brewing here beer that was known and exported from Warsaw to many countries. And with adventures (about which you can read more on our website), despite the changing winds of modern history, the brewery operated here until 2004 and...


Tip dla przełamania pierwszych lodów

Troszkę nam wstyd, że tę innowację w Warszawie zawdzięczamy Krakusom, no ale... efekt jest boski. Bo oto GOOD LOOD nie leci w kulki mówiąc, że dziś są np. „malinowe”, a na miejscu śladu po nich brak. W aplikacji, o której wspominaliśmy, zawsze widzisz, ile którego smaku zostało z dokładnością co do gałki. Ciekawe czy kiedyś wprowadzą funkcję „rezerwacji ulubionego smaku”? Przy ich kreatywności wcale by to nas nie zdziwiło.

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...and it not the end. After nearly two decades, Warsaw Brewery has just opened in the same place. A culinary and entertainment project, in which the fate of the contemporary brewing industry in the capital city is decided, but there is also good food. Additionally the place is connected (also thanks to one of its owners - Mark Zarkhin) with an Italian concept by Pizza Lecentano.

But the brewery - the brewery is the most important in this whole story!

Easy now, we are not talking about another commercial factory of mass mediocrity. Warsaw Brewery is a strictly craft brewery with aspirations to become a real beer attraction of the capital city. As many as 18 kinds of excellent craft beers are brewed here, including the legendary Grodziskie and Porter known from the times of the former Warsaw Breweries. To start with 'modestly' - the annual production is estimated at... 384 thousand liters of beer. Of course, the great thing is that here, on the spot, it is possible to taste all of them without the risk of losing their qualities during long-distance transport or storage. It's hard to say whether beer can be as fresh as "milk straight from the cow", but that's exactly what it is, because the local store offers unfiltered and unpasteurized beer that has just left the vats. There are also beer accessories and souvenirs, home-made liquors and preserves.

And where you can find perfect hop nectars, there has to be good food as well, so the restaurant which is in Warsaw Brewery has set a very high standard. It serves modern and diverse cuisine based on the heritage of the legendary gastronomy of Warsaw and Lviv, but varied with delicacies from all over the world. In the menu you will find many dishes from the charcoal "Josper grill" and, of course, beer bestsellers - traditional pork knuckle and burgers that are still trendy, but also fresh seafood and even vegetarian dishes, selected according to what's in a beer mug.

And if anyone is tired of beer bitterness after a few draft beers, there will soon also be a coctail bar, located in historic cellars, which will present an original cocktail menu and over 100 types of whisky from all over the world. All this in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by live music and with a rich timetable of artistic events which... will bring even more urban energy to Warsaw Breweries.

P.S. And now something that is (not) like shooting fish in a barrel - we all know the words "brewing", "vats" and craft beers, but does anyone know what the whole craft brewing process looks like in practice? It is said that you learn all your life, and knowledge is the key to power, so here is a pony which should whet your appetite for a visit to Warsaw Brewery even more. See you there.

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