Bakery Warsaw Breweries

Bakery Warsaw Breweries

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Is it possible to make bread with potatoes? Not only possible, but once you taste it, you'll be surprised that you can't... live without it :) So the good news is that Bakery in Warsaw Breweries knows how to make potato bread. But of course, you'll also find other, more conservative bakery products, like bread, buns and baguettes - wheat, rye and mixed, with grains, seeds... It would take a long time to list, it would be quicker to just meet them all in person.

The chefs of this bakery - Michał Paleta and Bartłomiej Rychcik - guarantee that all the bakery products based on natural sourdough. Artificial additives, dyes and enhancers have no chance to exist here, and if you don't take it on faith, check it out with your own eyes. The backroom has nothing to hide and you can watch all the production stages through glass walls. You must admit that there are not many places where you can watch how healthy, natural bread is made, grown and browned. And we promise it's impressive.

Bakery sweets are represented here by a surprising cruffin, which hides a liquid filling in the crumbly dough. The one with pistachio cream is a real masterpiece. The local croissants are also well-deserved and famous, which is not surprising as Bakery is a Polish-French confectionery. We would tell you a bit more about the local pain au chocolat but let us have a break for a sandwich first.

Tip for those hungry for good advice

In Bakery you can sit at one of the tables, drink something warm and order the personalized freshly made sandwiches with egg paste, avocado, pate, salami... We bet that they're not the only thing you'll be coming back for..

56 Grzybowska Street

Opening hours

Monday -Friday
7.00 am - 8.00 pm
8.00 am - 6.00 pm

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