For the love of sweetness!


VITA CAFE, a Polish family company founded "for the love of sweetness", joins a big family of cafés in the Warsaw Breweries. And you have to decide whether it is more of a cafe or a cake shop. On the one hand, they serve freshly ground coffee here and on the other hand, their counters are full of countless cakes, cookies and desserts. And there will be…

...'pączki' here too! That's right! Freshly fried, the most Polish of Polish donuts. Perfect with coffee. But at VITA CAFE the world does not end with coffee, because there will also be organic tea and hot chocolate here. There will also be a lot of "cold" things, because the place will be full of desserts, ice-cream cocktails and ice-cream of all kinds - natural, cream-based and sorbet versions. 

But still cakes will prevail. Baked on the spot, based on family secret recipes. Every day there will be several of them...a dozen to choose from! Cheesecakes, meringues, tarts and... so many other baked goods that it's impossible to list them all here.

The guiding rule when making these cakes, as well as other specialities at VITA CAFE, is to use only natural ingredients. No improving agents and no preservatives.

A tip for fruit eaters


If fruit is your favourite dessert, you will also like VITA CAFE. All thanks to juices squeezed on the spot, "home made" lemonades and fruit cocktails, and even... their vegetable versions, that complement the cafe and cake offer.

OPENING 28.08.2021

61 Krochmalna Street


09.00am - 09.00pm

We don't know whether the name VITA CAFE was inspired by some Italian expression "Dolce Vita" famous by Federico Fellini's movie, but even if it wasn't, the place deserves to be referred to as "sweet life". The owners' dream (and even goal of their activity) is to make every client leave VITA CAFE with a smile on their face. Are they able to do it? Drop in, try it, check yourself :)

Special offers at VITA CAFE


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Croque na brunch -20% z kodem wiosna