Food Hall Browary

Food Hall Browary

Always enough

Probably fighting against the boredom as it is conceived nowadays caused that food halls began to spring up in major cities a few decades ago. And while "having a wide range of choices" is not part of Maslow's pyramid of needs, there is no denying that a modern active city dweller loves, or even needs to have a choice.

It is possible that an important role in the shaping of food halls had also the fact that we live in times of chronic lack of time. We rush everywhere, we spend a lot of money on apartments, where we have "close to everywhere" and we prefer to buy in shopping centres, because everything is in one place (including food courts, which are usually far from specialized "gastro zones" that are much more than just "an addition to shopping").

Food Hall Breweries combines the "right to choose" expressed in the variety of food outlets located here with the need to "have everything at hand". - After all, this is also a feature of such "halls", often originating from street food gatherings.

2 Haberbusch & Schiele Street


Mon - Thu
11.00am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat
11.00am - 12.00am
11.00am - 10.00pm

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Food Hall Breweries will present the highest level of culinary experience on the lowest floor of the former Storage Cellars  (Leżakownia)  - an essential part of the historic Haberbusch and Schiele Brewery. The originator of its concept (and execution) is Aleksander Likus. 12 food outlets will be placed among the 19th century brick arches of the historic cellars of the building, once called "the cellars of time" - restored with care and attention to detail.urowanych z pieczołowitością i dbałością o detale.

The range of services will be diversified and tailored to the expectations of both the youngest and adult guests. The food outlets will be dedicated exclusively to experienced restaurateurs well known to the people of Warsaw, who will thus present part of the menu of their brick and mortar, full-size establishments to those who prefer to go rogue instead of "book a table".

Every day will begin with a wide selection of breakfasts, and will end with a central bar, which will be open here until the "last guest". There will be also a wide range of lunches for  employees of the nearby offices.

There will be 300 seats at "socializing" large tables, ideal for group meetings, and at much cozier tables. And yes - there will also be garden areas, that open Food Hall Breweries from both entrances to Food Hall Breweries.

There will also be a stage - open for concerts, events, live DJ mix sets, but also for author meetings, conferences and thematic events. You can expect such activities as live cooking, pop-ups, fairs and... whatever comes to mindsof tenants.

However, above all it is supposed to be a place for social meetings. City outings with friends, family occasions, a way of spending free time and an opportunity to discover new flavors. A place where history, art and gastronomy mingle in harmony and become an arena for unforgettable experiences.

The central bar will certainly be one of the largest bars in Poland. In the morning it will serve specialty coffee, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and lemonades. In the evening it will be time for something stronger, obviously referring to the breweries' beer history, but also open to the latest cocktail trends. There will also be space for a Wine Bar with a wide range of wines served by glasses, and the guests' mood will be enhanced by a music club, which will occupy a part of the cellars.

It is too early for details on the arrangement of the historical space and the full list of restaurants. At this point we can only say that it will include a new concept of Aion called The Sushi and two completely new food concepts of the owners of the well thought of Warsaw "Dziurka od klucza" - "OCTO Pasta Pizza", which signals its menu with its name and "a'Panu occo?!", which in turn will befriend Varsovians with panozzo sandwiches. Another place we will mysteriously announce today will be Silk & Spicy.

We haven’t cut the ribbon, opened the champagne and revealed all the cards yet. What we do know is that 1500 meters took over by Food Hall Breweries will provide unforgettable experiences and countless dilemmas as to what to eat, drink and experience today.

The Sushi

The newest sushi bar concept by Alon Than. Both the name and the concept itself is about the simplicity and honesty. The chef has no time for telling stories and adding philosophy to sushi since in 2015 he became ... the sushi world champion at the global cooking tournament in Tokyo.

In The Sushi you do not listen to the philosophy of sushi, but absorb it in every bite.

a’Panu occo?!

The owners of Dziurka od Klucza know pizza as anyone other. Now they will introduce to Varsovians panuozzo, Italian pizza dough sandwiches filled to the brim with the best the world's cuisines can give. You will try: roasted duck in hoisin sauce, gold-coated mozzarella with tomato tartare and basil mayonnaise, BBQ bacon or even pastrami with Russian sauce and sauerkraut.

Yes. These will be sandwiches that break the bank.

ökarimå Ramen

Ramen gave a completely new meaning to essential broths and cooked bacon, and the one that will be served in ökarimå Ramen will surely make a great sensation in the city on the Vistula River.


The Seafood Bar

It will offer seafood and fish, but in a thrilling, original and non-obvious edition. Here you can taste excellent oysters and other seafood and fish, accompanied by a glass of French champagne. Unpretentious, unquestionably original and with a guarantee of the highest quality.

Boston Burger

Boston Burger at Food Hall Browary will serve just burgers - in classic, original form. Come for a cheeseburger, double bacon, smash burger or spicy buffalo wings. Dip your teeth into juicy Limousine and Hereford beef wrapped in artisan baked rolls.

Jasna Sprawa

The 20's and 30's of the last century are referred to as "the golden age of Warsaw". In those days, culinary courage and creativity were on the top in the capital. And to this golden age, Jasna Sprawa will magically transport us.

Say hello to Masurian zander, beef tartare with marinated boletus or roasted black pudding. Get to know home-made but often forgotten products. Say yes to Warsaw style tripe, homemade dumplings and pork knuckle with horseradish cream.

OCTO Pasta Pizza

There is no need to convince the lovers of Dziurka od Klucza that this restaurant knows pasta. And if the same owners are opening Octo, you can be absolutely sure that their pastas, pizza and seafood will be absolutely the best. Check it out as part of an evening with friends.

S'Poke & Herring

Grab the excellent quality Dutch matias in a bun. Buns that are baked on the spot, and herrings come to S'poke & Herrings straight from the fishing boats. Here you will find out what congee means and what a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner tastes like.

Another location of renowned Warsaw restaurant network.

Zun Dungh, will be the head chef and this should already melt hearts of original Thai cuisine lovers. Food Hall Browary will boast this Far Eastern "aroma" of dishes filled to the brim with exoticism. Modern "Asia on the plate" and captivating combinations of original ingredients - vegetables, seafood, meats, fresh herbs and a variety of spices, the existence of which most Europeans have no clue will tease you. Silk & Spicy is a must-see for those who are hungry for culinary surprises.


We know that vege-maniacs will find true happiness at Food Hall Browary! Because this is where the FALLA Wrap opens. Soon a cult place serving wraps, vegetable burgers, chicken-not-chicken and fish-like dishes. Vegetable wraps are to be grabbed in the hands and chewed, that is, experiencing vege delight.

If you play green, you'll be the winner here.

Viet Nem

For years, Linh Nguyen has been the supreme ruler of the Asian cuisine in Warsaw, running multiple original restaurants here. Now she will open the Viet Nem restaurant in Food Hall Browary. It will open our eyes to the beauty of traditional Vietnamese dumplings, which we know as spring rolls. It is hard to find better fast food in the whole of Asia and it is a sin not to try those by the Empress of the Far East tastes.

Central Bar

Behind the concept of most probably the longest bar in Poland - Central Bar (and behind the bar of this bar) is Karim Bibars - the legendary Warsaw bartender and the winner of Polish edition of the largest rum bartending competition in the world.

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