Sobremesa Tapas Bar

Sobremesa Tapas Bar

In Spanish delight

If someone wanted to remake our traditional Polish pączek (a filled donut) into a traditionally Spanish tapas, then... they would have to cut it in such tiny strips and put it on a plate. That's what the Spanish did, and their donut, which looks more like noodles than a donut, is called "churros". And the Spanish tapas bar in Warsaw Breweries is called SOBREMESA, which means "dessert" in Spanish, served after an exceptionally god feast.

SOBREMESA will be full of churros and sophisticated dishes. And don't worry - churros will not be the only dessert here. Miłosz Cichoń, who brings inspirations and original ingredients for his dishes to Warsaw Breweries straight from sunny Spain, is the new head chef of SOBREMESA. He has known SOBREMESA like the back of your hand for years, as he has been working there since the restaurant's opening. Young, ambitious and brave, Miłosz invites you on a journey through modern Spanish cuisine.

On the other hand, Marcin Bartoszewicz is responsible for magical liquid mixtures, trivially called "cocktails" in a bar language. He is quite a character, because not only he does spin glass like a circus juggler, but also adds herbs and other crazy ingredients to his liquid compositions.

"Sobremesa", apart from its sweet meaning, also has another one - it means in Polish "endless chatting at the table after a meal together". And we wish you and your friends a lot of such events, today and mañana.

A tip for enthusiasts of cooking and beyond:

SOBREMESA will not only serve brilliant dishes, but will also offer its guests unique live cooking performances. You can not only watch how Spanish jamón seerano and iberico hams are lovingly cut, but also taste their juiciness and listen to their origin, taste qualities and... And it's worth it!

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Mon - Fri
12.00 pm - 01.00 am
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